Alienware On Delivery

The package arrived at my friends place on the 20th of October. So after a day of work he took the laptop and the other accessories to postal annex. And he had it sent yesterday, so its going to take a week to get here. Thats the fastest there is since its a large box because of all the padding. It will arrive here on the 30th of October which at least the customs is open. I will really be looking forward to opening it up.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moocherx

    You’re the IT man!

  2. Laialy: alah ebarik ib 7ayatich..

    moocherx: One of a few things that I do! hehehe!

  3. Yo Zooks, do you get your friend to change the ‘value’ of the goods for customs or do you leave it as is?

    How do you avoid the customs tax etc?

  4. Alienzouk! ………you spend lot of money on bike and phone and computers and gadgets…..and *******

  5. Toxy: I have them price it at the full value for a new laptop for sake of insurance.. most things I have them write a smaller value, as you said. But most of the times they let things through without any kind of duty.

    Cyber: you could say.. this is what happens when you live at home.. and no real bills to pay.. after living in the states, and paying bills, insurance, phone bill, electric bill, water bill, groceries, drinking water, and GAS! Kuwait is cheap! So now I buy what I want when I have saved up! Notice its only after every paycheck is recieved! looooool! Thats why Im always broke! hehehe

  6. do you plan for a eid charity? remember me, go will bless you if you give me that alienware pc..LOL hahahahahahha! :D…..

  7. Cyber: Lol! You would have to rip the Sentia out of my cold dead hands before that happens! hehehehehe!

    MacaholiQ8: alah ebaarik ib 7ayatik! :)

  8. hahahha! I will do that! I will rob robo and your aliendodo! LOL

  9. Cyber: Robo will self distruct when I die! hehehehe!

  10. hahaha! like wife suicide when husband dies…hehehe! good one!

  11. Cyber: exactly! More like a nuclear explosion! Nobody will touch Robo after Im gone!

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