Blazing Streets

I went out yesterday after waking up comfortably. I have to say that it was a fantastic ride since 90% of the streets were empty, and I stopped by the scientific center to take some photos. Since it was such a nice day, and I took the bike on the side walk. I was taking a lot of pictures when a security guy came up to me and asked me to park in the parking spots. I told him Im just taking some photos and then I will be out of his way, I was very polite to the guy since he was polite to me. Then he was asking me about the bike and how I like it. He has seen it online and in magazines, but never seen it in real life. He was asking how I like and if it feels as heavy as it looks, and he wants to get a Suzuki. I asked him if he road before he told me a little while back so I gave him a couple of pointers. Then he told me stay as long as I want and he left, he was a nice guy and people were always stopping and looking when I would stop! hehehehe! Never seen a civilized biker before! hehehehehe..








Then there is the curved part of the gulf road between 3rd and 2nd ring road, and there was no cars what so ever. So I took it at comfortable speed sweeping across and staying in my lane while getting the bike as low as possible. I looked down and I was going around 180kph on an empty sweeping road, and my adrenaline was rushing like no other with wind in my face. My brain was taking in every little detail that I could see. It was an amazing feeling! The rush, and the wind with the music in my head blaring! I couldnt have been happier! I wish their were more times like these where people werent on the road. I went to souq sharq which was packed with people to stop and take pictures as well. I havent seen it that packed with shoppers before! So many people going shopping it was rediculous! Then after a nice long drive around for another hour on the gulf road and the inner roads of Kuwait I was heading home, because I knew my nephew would wake up!

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. “Never seen a civilized biker before” thats fo’sure hehehe … looks like it was a nice day

  2. extinct dodo

    aham shay how you pose your gear ontop of your bike :P

  3. Laialy: it was just a nice day overall! Just wished if it was sunnier and cooler! A couple more weeks and its going to be like that!

    Extinct-Dodo: loool! Looks good doesnt it! hehehe!

  4. beneath Al-Sharqiya? walla haaada bike halwa…walla zein…leysh bus suwar? maku video?

  5. Cyber: hahahaha! Im getting a tank cam holder so I video tape when Im riding! hehehe! I will make a cool video and everything!

  6. Now i’ll know you if i bumb into any bike…..:)…glad ur enjoying ur life…at least u love what ur doing!…take care

  7. Marzouq,i was checking for your email on ur blog but couldn’t find it..i’m preparing for a bloggers hangout next week…details will be mailed to you…mine is [email protected]

  8. عيدك مبارك و تقبل الله طاعتك

  9. MAZE: you have to enjoy life where ever you are! I pretty much do the best out of what I got! My email is Blog AT ZDistrict DOT com .

    Hitman1: Ayamik sa3eeda o 3asakum min el 3aydeen wil Fayzeen!

  10. Eddy

    lol…u dont need cajie to take pics for u…ur pretty good urself….love the second last picture…for a moment i thought u were sitting on the bike :)

  11. SOS

    btw the bike above does look a lot like urs…..

  12. Eddy

    lol marzouk, u have to do what swos says…give robo a treat :)….

  13. Eddy: hehehe Thanks! Happy your enjoying the picture! I wouldnt mind following SWOS’s advice! if someone can provide her!

    SOS: the funnypart is that I have the newer version of the bike she is itting on.. its a 2001 Yamaha R1, I have the 05 in the states! If you can provide the chick I can provide the bikes!

  14. Mbareken 3eedek..o kel 3am wenta bkhair :)

  15. Smartee: wintay ib se7a o salaamah! 3asakum min el 3aydeen wil Fayzeen!

  16. SOS

    i aint pimpin right now butif i had a chick with an ass like that…dont u think id be riding something else other than bikes ;) he he !

    one second thoughts nothing can replace these monster bikes.!i love these babies too but my broken ass cant afford one right now.ur true passion for bikes is what i like bout you….ur one Happy camper when it comes to bikes and yah…anime too ;)

  17. We’re getting into hot chat!!!

  18. SOS: hahahaha! U would be riding! that would be for sure! Im nuts about bikes, you can hear them talking to you! Its simple, you make good with whatever you have, and having bikes and anime makes me a happy idiot! hehehhehehe!

    MAZE: loooool! U need to help me and SOS with the photoshoot! you do the scouting! LOL

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