Robo Vs. Other


So other day I roaming around the net and I found something very interesting.

Who do you think is better looking? Robo or his doppleganger!

More pics of Robo at ZDistrict Flickr

For pics of the doppleganger please click HERE!

If anyone says the doppleganger is better looking .. you shall be disappearing!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moocherx

    the extra sliver’s a nice look on the doppelgander… just have 2 bikes! (…but I like a lot of black, very Robocop)

  2. Akeed ROBO…can i say else?…..:)

  3. moocherx: Robocop is the aim! thats why I like mine more, I feel like its very aggressive. I just want a few more carbon fiber pieces and Im good to go!

    MAZE: Choice well made! hehehe

  4. Marzouq im gonna kill you !!

    you got me into bikes, 3aad ya 7alaaaty, bint o0o rakbaa bike..
    i dont care, your gonna teach me how to ride..

  5. not cos Robo is ur bike but I say Robo is nicer cos of the color and the new accessories u added. not to mention the muffler u got going on.

  6. Amo0ora: looool! I can point you in the right direction! hehehe! Im more the willing to help out people who are willing to ride, 3aad ahalich shay thaany! hehehe!

    Fonzy: Thank you thank you! I still have a few more things in mind! Working on the bike or car is the best thing!

  7. 3adii i just wanna know that whenever i needed to, i know how to ride a bike..

    I’ll keep it secret..

  8. Amo0ora: loool! Now that going to be an interesting secret! I should probably teach a class!

  9. Nice idea ;)

    bSs seriously out of all the riders out there that iv seen, i would trust you more. you know what your doing mashalla 3laik..

  10. AMo0ora: Experience teachs you a lot! hehe! I have a good understanding, and at the end of the day I want people to enjoy themselves!

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