Review: Villa Kennedy Frankfurt

I booked this hotel for my quick business trip to Germany, and I have to say I was impressed. After looking around I found this hotel, and it was different then usual business hotel. It looks like a castle from the outside and has a comfortable modern look on the inside. The rooms are spacious, and comfortable. You cant have access to any of the floors without the use of a key card. They have a really cool spa, and their service is beyond what I expected. Room service is extremely quick and the restaurant is really good as well. The people their are friendly no matter what time of day it is. The internet connection in the room was blazing fast, I was downloading so much stuff while typing up my reports for work, it was fantastic. The TV had many german channels, english channels, and arabic channels. The room itself was extremely comfortable, with LCD screens in the living room and bed room, and for modern furniture it was very comfortable. The bathroom itself was amazing! The shower was great and you can adjust it any way you want, and the best part was that the floor was heated so you didnt feel cold after a good shower. And bathtub was huge for those who like bathtubs, and there was a guest bathroom in that suite!





more pics below!












Link: Villa Kennedy

Rating: r4.5.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wow… impressive. especially liked the view of the courtyard

  2. moocherx

    the mosaic in the bathtub looks scary… maybe it’s for the environment, so you don’t spend too long in the shower!

  3. Veryyyy nice…..but u shouldn’t have been alone….:P

  4. By the way it that hotel in frankfurt or frankport…..:)

  5. looks like a good place
    i’ll keep it in mind

    ….damn,,,, no3ik,,,,,she wants everyone to know about her halloween fever!

  6. Nice work, buddy. Actually I don’t think you need to give me credit at the footer, I can’t believe this is a mod of my Greenery theme, I thought it was an excellent theme done by yourself. :D

  7. Anail wayh illi bil 7amam moo yayizli…y5arri3 il sara7a

  8. Fonzy: yeah I loved the look of the courtyard too! I just wish I could do something with it.

    No3ik: 7ayaach ay wagt! O ayaamich sa3eedah! I love my 3eediya! I wish I could take it, really I do! hehehehe

    moocherx: yeah the mosiac was freaky but the water was nice and warm, when it was cold as hell outside!

    Spicy Pepper: It was a suite, if I remember correctly.

    MAZE: hehehe! Work, what can I do!

    Yazeed: yeah it was pretty nice, and I dont think that is no3ik’s halloween costume!

    1001: hahahahaha! It was a shock the first time I walked in, bes kalass I got used to it!

  9. MAZE: Frankfurt! lol! Frankport had other things! hehehe

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