Eid Resolution


Everytime I even think of a new years resolution I know Im not even really going to go through with it completely! So I decided to come up with the Eid Resolution, since the next Eid is coming up pretty quick, and I should at least do something that is possible! My goal is to go to the gym at least twice a week for next few months. I know this is going to be hard to stick to, but I will try to up it up to three times a week. I gained weight during Ramadan, but I lost some weight during the 10 day period of non-stop work since I had to eat light to go back to work at night. But other then that I gained weight, and after getting on my bike the other day I felt a bit heavier then usual. After all the times people have been telling that I have gained wieght, I pretty much dont care but when I got on my bike and felt a bit heavey I knew I had to hit the gym! That was the last straw! And now that Ramdan is over I now I have some regular time back! Enough to do a few things here and there! And one of those things is going to the gym on a regular basis!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Jacqui: Just a feeling when riding the bike, I wasnt feeling that riding was easy as usual!

  2. The best mod for a bike is losing weight ;)

    I have started my eid-to-eid diet .. mine involves jogging 6 days a week. allah yastir ..

  3. So the belly was in the way ha :P Tsk tsk tsk

  4. Jacqui: it shall be gone in two months time!

  5. I’m losing weight man…lost 3 kilos during Ramadan…u should start doing excercises….i’m subscribing soon to a gym too…

  6. i know the feeling.. beginning of this year i gained weight. madree shino sar but it snuck up on me. people told me that i’d put on weight but i chose to ignore it. till i FELT it, like u did.. that’s when i decided enough is enough. i hit the gym and watched my calorie in take. within 2 months, i lost 11kgs al7mdl’Allah..

    as long as u FEEL it, u’ll manage to lose it. good luck.

  7. Ahh walla 7l0o you set goals to yourself..

    bSs la et5aarba, were all supporting you ;)

    allah ma3aak..

  8. unknown

    and i thought ramadan is the best month for losing weight!!

    btw Marzoug, you put amazing effort to choose pictures for your posts, i just hope some of the stupid blogger out there follow your steps.

  9. at first i was thinking “why is he complaining he is a guy” bss then when i read about the bike part fakart “yeah maybe a little takhfeef is better so two people can get on the bike” :pPp
    my brain needs formatting

  10. moocherx

    train with me twice a week – when you have to work out with someone, you’re more likely not to bail…. at least not without me making you feel really really bad about it!

  11. K: I know what you mean! Jogging is a hard as hell in this humidity! Im not the jogging type, my knees go out after a while, so I use the elyptical machine at the gym.

    MAZE: you loose weight, because you dont eat kuwaiti food during Ramadan! hahahaha! I need to get moving, thats really it!

    MSB: I felt it before, but its a matter of getting in the way of my riding! hehehe! I plan to lose 10 Kgs this month which I think it a good aim!

    Amo0ora: hehehe! Im crossing my fingers, Im going to try to stick to the workout plan!

  12. unknown: Ramadan is the opposite when your going to family so much, you tend to eat a lot! Im happy you like the pics, but some blogs do a fine job with pictures as well.

    Laialy: hehehehe! Im not really complaining too much, I just want to get back into shape!

    moocherx: I will try to come in at the same time you do. But as you said I dont want to feel bad about it! hehehehe! We will figure out a time as soon as I know how my work scheduelle is like.

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