Review: Worlds Fastest Indian


I have been looking forward to watching this movie for a while since it has motorcycles in the movie, and its a movie with Athony Hopkins. Its a true story about a man who wants to break the land speed record on a motorcycle. This an amazing story about a man who wanted to achieve his dream no matter what is the case. Anthony Hopkins plays his character amazingly, coming out of Australia in the 1940s to race his Indian Motorcycle on the Bonnevile Salt Lake Flats. The thing that I found extremely great was his ability to help people and for people who want to help him out, who believe in him. His stubbornness and kindness helped him get where he wanted, there wasnt an obstacle that he couldnt overcome. Anthony Hopkins played Burt Munro so well that you really believed in the guy, you wanted him to achieve his goal in any way possible. So I really recommend the movie for someone who wants a really endearing story.

Link: IMDB

Rating:  r4.5.bmp

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. DR: Nope, there isnt really a place to put a flag, and there is no way in hell I would put any kind of sticker on the bike! hehehe!

  2. Well Marzouq…i’ll watch this movie and give you feedback coz i know ur taste in movies…and can trust u…

  3. Thought so.
    Just checking.
    LOL i saw 3 things:
    red bike
    wearing helmet
    he smiled at me

    I thought to myself….maybe…..?

  4. DR: looool! You could tell that I have a black and silver bike! And I wear a black helmet or other helmets that I have, but with a black visor so you wouldnt even see my face! lool! hehehe! I will post pics up of me riding!

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