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The package was supposed to have arrived on the 30th of October based on the estimated arrival of FedEx, but thank you for the amazing service from FedEx it arrived while I wasnt home on the 25th, and it cleared customs. I opened up the box, and I was happy as hell to see the Alien Symbol looking straight at me. It also included the other items that I ordered with it. After a minute I started to move the box when I realized that the god damn customs ripped the box in half on the other side, it said on the box that it was open by Kuwait customs, but I just thought that they took a look inside the big box, but no they ripped the Alienware box, and they took in the laptop out of its protective foam setting and the plastic bag that it was in. Then they shoved the laptop back into the box, I wanted to kill somebody at that point. I really was worried that the laptop was damaged since it was out of its shock absorbing setting. I know how Alienware usually pack the laptops and desktops so I wasnt worried at all about the shipping, but after what I saw customs did I was going to go nuts. I wanted to kill somebody!

So I started the laptop up, and there was the usual Windows startup and setting it up like usual. And after going through a few things, I was happy that it was working extremely smoothly! No problems! I want to put a curse on those customs guys! They could have just x-rayed the damn thing and found out what they wanted!



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  1. congrats!! the travel laptop stand would’ve been cooler if u could adjust the height.. i’d like one of those (right after i buy a new laptop that is!)

  2. MSB: The travel laptop stand is pretty good, I used it yesterday and it was perfect my legs werent hot and even when I put it on my bed that spot didnt get hot! I think its probably the best thing I bought yet!

  3. hmmm.. good points! i use a small pillow right now that’s been designated as my laptop buffer.. but i guess this is more suitable. aqna3tny.

  4. MSB: The pillow is too high or tilts let or right, when I had it on my stomach last night, I completely forgot that I had my laptop on it, its extremely light too! Its plastic, and you dont think its solid, but it is.

  5. custom guy reading this:
    x-ray, what x-ray :P

    mabrook dude!
    u could have sent it to me first, i would have taken pics of me unwrapping the package, repackage it, and send it to the custom, err i mean u. :P

    btw, what is appy?
    “And after going through a few things, I was appy that it was working extremely smoothly!”

    enjoy it dude,
    yitraba ib 3izik inshallah

  6. Yazeed: hahaha! I will fix it! I wrote it late last night! alah ebarik ib 7ayatik.

  7. LOL Someone is very happy with his gadget ;P

    I wonder how the future spouses of gadget-ized geeks will feel when a package arrives to their loved one and they see excitement all over their faces, more than any other type of excitement ;P

    Don’t you agree?

  8. wow shakla 7lo0o..

    Mabro0ok !

    let us now if its really good..
    I use a Viao, is it better ??

  9. same thing happened with nats macbook. the white box arrived ripped open and smudged with black fingerprint stains all over. on the inside everything was out of place, the box wasnt even closed right. looked really scary.

    u need to take pics of the laptop open, looks cool when its closed but how cool does it look when opened? does the alien glow by any chance?

  10. Jacqui: I agree if both loves gadgets then it would be an endless shopping spree of electronics! hehehe!

    Amo0ora: alah ebarik ib a7aytich, and yes its soooo much better then a Viao, its on a whole nother level! hehehe

    Mark: yeah it scared the crap out of me in the beginning! I will take lots of pics and post them up tonight! And yes the alienware head and name glows now! Its rediculously cool! I will take pictures to make it look like engadget! hehehe

  11. mark of course it glows!
    havent u seen 24!
    i am sure thats why zouq got it in the first place!

  12. dont they use macs on 24?i need to google this.

  13. Congratulations! It looks pretty phenomenal :)

  14. Yazeed: you are correct! they use it in 24! But I bought my first alienware in 2000, but I knew they were going to use it for 24, Jack Bauer told me!

    Mark: Yes they do! Alienware is key to Jack Bauer successful kills!

    Bojacob: Wait til I post up more pictures of it! hehehe!

    3baid: Thanks!

  15. hot! The lil alien symbol is cute heheheh

  16. Looks sleek, mashallah.
    Yallah 3laik bil 3afya, hope it’s all worth the waiting. :P

  17. Eddy

    custom guy saw the alien head…thought it meant “danger,quarantine”…..ripped open the box expecting to find a nuclear bomb….instead finds dumb laptop…shoves it back in dissapointed

  18. ananyah: its anything but cute! hehehe!

    MacaholiQ8: yes its really worth the wait.

    Eddy: hehehehe! I wanted to kill the customs guy.

  19. LOL….Zooks, when I asked you about the Alien laptops and viability for meetings – you said it was fine…lol…

    I would probably scare the hell outta any old school Kuwaiti dude if I walked in with a Glowing Alien Head.

  20. Toxy: hehehe! Its thier problem! These laptops are a work of art! And nobody can deny it. hehehe! I need to take more pictures to show how it looks!

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