Currency Weight

I was thinking about this the other day, when I was traveling different currencies have different feeling of how much they are worth really. And this is the result I came up with. I dont know if people get the same idea or feeling when it comes to different currencies.

UK Pounds

The British pound feels like a lot of money, it hurts to spend it especially on taxis or other items. I got used to it since a long time ago. The 50 pound note is especially worth a lot since you can do a lot with it, and whenever you use it people think its fake. It just feels like its heavey for some reason.


The new Euros feels like damn Monopoly money, they could decide on one normal color or just a few. They decided to choose every color Skittles had available and used them. So every time I had a note it feels like its really wierd, you dont feel like a 100 euros is more then 100 bucks. You dont feel the value of the money beind used, and on top of it everywhere in Europe that used to be cheap became rediculously expensive since the introduction of the Euro. Its all like candy!

US Dollars

Now this is a currency that carries its weight. I value every penny I spent since even when gas was expensive it hurt like hell! Spending 60-80 bucks on gas was hell! Thats why riding motorcycles became even more useful! 10 bucks for a tank and it would last for a while. A 100 dollar bill would do a lot, and you could buy a lot of food with that. Even when buying electronics you feel everyting being spent!


Kuwaiti Dinars

Kuwaiti money carries it weight, but because everything is so over-oriced when it comes to electronics that you feel its expensive as hell! Plasma screens that are supposed to be 700KD are going for 1200KD. When you spend it on gasoline you do feel that things are relatively cheap, and you can get a lot for your money when buying food. 40 KD would last you a while, but just dont buy any electronics.

UAE Dirhams

This currency reminds of the Italian Lira back in the day, 500 dirhams is less then 50 KD, and it feels like it too! When you get a bill at a restaurant for 200 dirhams after eating a huge meal you dont feel like the money is worth much. Even when buying a phone they will tell you its like one thousand dirhams. I just dont like the notes either, I think they need to redesign their currency at this point! Imagine you get the chance of designing a new currency now that would be cool.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i tend to spend less when i am in kuwait because IT CARRIES IT’S WAIT bss US dollars don’t mean much to me :/

  2. moocherx

    I should introduce you to Thai Baht. Largest note is 1000 baht which is 8KD! And you can do a LOT with that, like eat for a week… well, have 60 donuts from Dunkin Donuts.

  3. afa.. wil Bahraini Dinar waineh??

  4. Laialy: the US Dollar means a lot to me because when I go broke it hurt like hell! So I used to watch my spending, and the damn fees of everything!

    moocherx: hahahaha! 60 Doughnuts! Man your not helping! See the Thai Baht can do a lot where it is, but the dirham doesnt do much!

    Cyber: I like the yen! hehehe!

    MSB: I just commented on places that I have been! hehe! Never been to bahrain! hehe

  5. :O you’ve been to all these other places but NOT bahrain?!?!!?

    ee ok. ur not missing much =)

  6. MSB: the only I go to dubai is for work, I prefer to stay in Kuwait and save my holidays then go somewhere random! My next goal is Tokyo or Hong Kong! I dont like the usual arab filled holiday spots! hehehe

  7. I agree 100%…have you tried the lebanese pounds? These notes are heavy…what’s over-oriced?….:P didn’t get it.

  8. I understand where our coming from..

    cuz i lived in london i got used to the money and so it felt a little, i didnt care about the prices of things..
    when i spend my money there i dont feel it, but in kuwait when i spend a little i feel as though i spent alot..

    I hate the saudi riyals and the dirhams, ma et7es ib qeemat.hom.

  9. MAZE: In kuwait I was just saying that cars and electronics are over-priced but other items are reasonable so you feel the weight of the money. I havent been to lebanon in years, and when I was there I was using dollars at the time!

    Amo0ora: The Pound felt like a lot to me! Since everytime I pulled a note out it looked like the queen was looking me in the face! hehehe! I really enjoy their notes!

    DR: I agree with you! Who is dumb enough to use fake notes these days!

  10. I hate lebanese money .. Its too big and worth too little; no wonder they use $.

  11. K…i agree with u to an extent….but it’s our country currency so why should i use $..

  12. K: I havent seen it before! Need to check it out, but I still prefer $ because it carries its value!

    MAZE: I do understand how you feel, but then there is the stability of the currency itself which makes people turn to the $. Inshalla with time it will become more stable!

  13. I hate it when they check to see if the 50 pound note is real or not. A7is ilnas kilha it6ali3ny when they do it! Lol this summer when I was shopping in Selfridges I paid with 50 pound notes and the woman said “we only see the 50s when the Arabs are here” lool tha7ikatni:p

    I don’t like Lebanese money mainly because I’m not used to it yet. Bas in3amait min all the zeros! It took me ages to work out how much 100,000 LL is in KD. If I was in a hurry I paid with $s.

  14. dandoon: I know what you mean, they make a scene for the 50 pound note, its kind of annoying! I havent used the Lebanese Lira, but in Italy it was like that! Huge amounts and trying to figure out backwards, but that was before the Euro!

    Cyber: hahahahaha! Never been to a lot of these places! hehehe

  15. Maze:
    I am not saying people should ditch the currency and use the $.. But, the last time I was in Lebanon, people were using $ as if it was a 2nd currency.

  16. K: very true they do use it as a second currency from what I know, people are still not confident in their currency. And its understandable why!

  17. LOL ee 9aa7. the cab drivers in london always tell me “why do arabs always pay with 50 notes?” it made me laugh !!

  18. Amo0ora: Its because they always go to the UK with a huge amount of cash, and prefer not using cash, and smallest space would be with 50 pound notes! loooool!

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