MotoGP 10/06


This is one the greatest MotoGP seasons I have seen! It has been amazing seeing different riders take the podium, and Rossi has came up from the rear and taken the front seat. Only one race left today for it to make or break the season for both Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi. I really dont have a preference for either of the riders to win, I just want to see a good race because they have both been great this season. Now its really the battle of the titans! Milandri is close behind them, but the real battle is between these two! Im hoping for a good race and cant wait to see the results!

Link: BBC Sports

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  1. unknown

    ok i don’t watch this sport but is it Honda that good in moto, seems all bikers prefer Honda

    and from the list i can tell that ducati not for races , it’s for luxury :)

  2. unknown: honda do make good race bikes, but they cant seem to beat yamaha, its been like this for the past 3 years! Ducati are amazing race bikes but they need to be worked on.

    Yazeed: there is a huge followin you would be surprised!

  3. MAZE: It didnt show up for some reason! sorry!

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