Dodge Tomahawk


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I had to show this for those who havent seen it! Dodge made limited numbers of this pure American bread muscle! It has 500 horsepower, and 525 pounds of torque. This is probably the most pro-industrial design I have seen ever made for a motorcycle. It was made a couple of years ago, and they were selling it through Neimen Marcus for a minimum of $200’000 up to $550’000 and people were buying it. It goes 0-100 Km/h in 2.5 seconds, and has theortrical top speed of 645 Km/h. I would just want to ride this monster once. Just once and we shall we where we can go, I need a straight line. Now this bike would be the perfect transformer!



Link: allpar

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  1. wow!!!

    marzouq …. abi … ? i just wanna sit on it.
    9ig piece of art :D

  2. I knew there was a reason I spent so much time in and out of Neimen Marcus.. shame I would always forget why and end up buying useless stuff.. even if I would remember.. I would never recall the name toma-who ? Toma-what ? Tomahawk !! goodness me..

    I always miss the good stuff :(

    I demand a special xmas gift from them..

    and you deary… stop teasing us with all these goodies ! bloody git ;P

  3. Oooooooohhhh sexy !!

    all i could say is : WOOW !!

  4. MAZE: I agree!

    no3ik: loool! I just want to ride it once! hehehe!

    DiiGMaa: looool! Somebody missing Neimen Marcus? hehehe! I cant stop posting about these bikes! hehehe

    Amo0ora: Its really like having a rocket for an animal!

  5. shit! thats like the hummer of bikes!!

  6. Fonzy: yup! A hummer would be an understatement! This is just as strong, if not fast then all sports cars!

  7. Killa machine indeed. Read about it on Motor Trend about 3 years ago…this baby has 10 friggin’ cylinders! A Viper and Gallardo are V10…

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