Work Load


Its getting rediculous again! Its annoying when things become like this! In a perfect world things would work in a timely manner, and you would be able to depend on different people, but at this point it isnt the case! Time lines need to be met, I have to meet with different people, and things just have to go crazy!

Ripping their heads off is an understatement! Dont promise me something and not come through! Just dont promise in the first place! Have some damn work ethic! Be honest to the work that needs to be done, and dont underestimate it! And it seems to be the case in Kuwait to ask for the impossible at the last minute without thinking that it could delay what they want to do.

This is going to be one hell of rollercoaster! Its been like Ramadan, I dont eat until the sun sets! If the weather is good this weekend Im going riding! I dont care I need to ride! thats it! Bes!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Allah e3eenik :/

    i know how you feel .. we got 3 projects to finish in les than a month … it’s going to be crazy

    PS. Dumb team members only make it harder

  2. Don’t worry, Marzouq. It is just post-Ramadan blues. You will soon get back into the mood and swing of things. Sometimes work gets chaotic like that (she says as she stretches out on the sofa :P)

  3. Relax Marzoouq… Ur rage is bursting thru ur words…

    Unfortunately, most q8i employees r lazy bums! They depend on others to have their work done for them! Dont even start with broken promises! a9lan, if they keep their promise, here ana at3ajab… im just soo used to them not keeping their promise… Just get used to them or rebel ;)

    Allah yesa3dik & I hope everything works out to the best…

  4. Laialy: Its kind of like that but worse involved lots of money! It drives me nuts!

    Jewaira: Its not really all the work, its peopel not doing their work that drives me nuts (me arranges more sofa to be stolen for office use) hehehe

    Bella: looool! Its only going to be nuts until the next few days, but hey.. I will grill them if they dont come through. I am extremely rough with those who dont come through with promises! I push their buttons!

  5. Man i totally understand you well…..i stay till 9 pm at work just to finish pending stuff…i only relax around 2 hours at home…then at last u don’t get appreciated for your work…this really sucks! while u see others who worth a crap get promoted and they don’t move their asses…i know this is everywhere but sometimes i go nuts and lose my control…i need a deep breathe…

  6. MAZE: I totally understand how you feel, especially if you feel unappreciated! It drives me up the wall, but sometimes what I do is not help those who dont do crap when they need help. Since they dont do anything to help themselves! Its annoying as hell!

  7. I agree ya man…by the way have u visited my blog!!!….:)…i have written about some bloggers…

  8. aww inshalla it gets better soooon..

    I know what your saying, we all go through this..

    Ignore the idiots ele ma3ak, dont let them get to you.

  9. *starts singing the money song they play at the begining of The Apprentice*

  10. MAZE: I just visited! hehehe! Thanks!!

    Amo0ora: Its going to be a rough couple of days! You cant ignore the idiots! U need them to do stuff! hehehe

    Laialy: hahahaha! YOUR FIRED! hehehe

  11. one thing i have realized about the people in kuwait, irrespective of nationality, is that nobody respects time and deadlines. they only do when they are threatened to be punished otherwise no business ethics at all. i thought lebanon was bad, but here its a disaster.

  12. Fonzy: That is true to a certain degree, because some places there is no rating for performance. And when they do a good job nobody commends them, as you know that. They dont even try to quantify performance, and if you train them that its important to make sure your on top of things then fine, but here they let things slack off.

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