So Fresh and So Clean!


I have been using this shampoo from FCUK for the past 2 years, and it has been great! I just like to jump into the shower and use something smells fresh/sporty and gets all the dirt off, be it after riding, the gym, fun in the sand, working on my truck, changing a tire, cleaning an old dusty pc, or whatever the case maybe! It does the job and gets it all off with a refreshing scent to it. If ever a smell was to be tagged sporty then this would be it! I suffocate in elevators, cars, and small rooms from people who spray a gallon of colonge after a show or after smoking. It is seriously horrible, I have made it clear to some friends about it and I think they got the point since I can breath around them now, but some people that you dont know or at work might be suffocating you and you cant do anything about it! I use colonge maybe once every two to three weeks, other then that its just the shower! I used to buy 4-5 bottles whenever I go to London so they could last me a while, but I just recently found that they are selling in Boots in Marina Mall, and I would recommend any guy to try it out. Its light, smooth, refreshing, and most of all clean!

Location: Boots Marina Mall

LINK: FCUK Body Wash

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LooooooL
    one of the many ways to spot kuwaties fee el jam3aa is if they have colonge on

  2. so how does shampoo work with a shaved head? ;-)

  3. Laialy: hehehe! The colonge thing kills me! Its like there isnt enough space in the room because of that!

    moocherx: I use it every once in a while to remember the good old days! hahahahaa! not really, I dont use it any more just what you see up top!

  4. wow, i like it …
    ok i use Aveda which also i get from london .. it is AMAZING on the hair ;)

    ok so they dont have a pink fcuk shampoo?! “some for the girls =]”

  5. Fonzy: Just doesnt do it for me! hehehe

    no3ik: I dont think soo! hehehehe! Aveda is cool, but too earthy for me.. if you know what I mean! I just wanted something clean and sporty!

  6. unknown

    i heard that FCUK brand is banned in kuwait, is that true?

  7. biy you typed it well….i have trouble with placement of U…LOL

  8. yeh i know what umean ..
    but it does smell great to!! ummmmm yummy minty earthly smell
    its simply FRESH!

  9. MAZE: if your looking for something refreshing this will hit the spot!

    unknown: nope, I saw it a couple of weeks ago

    DR: loooooool

    Cyber: hehehehe

    no3ik: exactly!

  10. OK. I will take you on your word and give it a try. But the name of the shampoo brought some memories of a discussion we had in Psychology class; we talked how Psychology plays a role in affecting your decisions to buy products with “semi-dirty” brand names and slogans such as “FCUK”, “BUCK FODY”, and “Touching is good”, and etc. I won’t bore you with the details but I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about :)

  11. Hehee why is everyones shampoo from london…
    Me too i use Korres which is also from london, made from natural products. I recommend it..

    :( no pink one for girls, how sexist hehee

  12. Thanks for the adviise I went to Boots today and got with the facial lotion……:)

  13. MAZE: Boots is setup pretty nicely! cool!

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