N73 Speed Up

I have had this phone for a little while now, and I think its the perfect size for my use with a lot of good features, but things that slow it down get to me. It drives me up the wall sometimes, but at last there has been update sent to me by my friend which speeds up the SMS system of this phone. I tried storing the SMS on the phone and on the memory card and it made no difference in speed in the beginning after I downloaded the file from my pc to the phone using the bluetooth, I installed it and restarted it and the sms became 80% faster! It was fantastic!

1) Click on link to Download

2) Transfer to Phone through: USB or Bluetooth

3) Click on File to Install

4) Try sending an SMS

Link: ZDistrict DownLoad

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  1. I would so go for the N73 but only problem is, that it’s not a flip phone, woah! I was just typing the comment and mispelled flip and with Firefox 2.0 I got the red lines so that I can correct it! Now that’s fucking cool!

    Anyhow back to the main subject at hand, and that is the N73’s keypad isn’t that much of a turn on hence the dilemma..

    Awww Issa was just put in my lap asleep!

  2. Purgatory72

    it works

  3. I need to try this on my N80, and reminder .. bloggers meetup today, 5.30pm – 2nd cup borsa

  4. I just downloaded the N80 version from Nokia-Europe .. amazing! I can finally use my phone after sending a message ..

  5. Jacqui: N73 o bes! I love the auto spelling correction!

    Purg: yup!

    K: sorry I was at work! hehehe! Same here, it makes using my phone fantastic!

  6. sucharitha

    i think u’v formatted ur memory card..already there SMS acceelater in nokia phones..when u format ur cell it get deleted..then it become slow..dont download this crapy softwares..go to nokia official site …u can download it fro there..

  7. cool2126

    guys jst delete if u have insalled sms accelarator software …

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