Review: Logitech Z2300


These Logitech Z2300 are the best 2.1 Speakers I have ever used or seen! I used to have Harmon Kardon speakers back 2001, and then the speakers blew out 2 years later. So I wasnt too impressed with their PC Speakers, but I have to say that these speakers are nothing short of perfect. I have had mine for two years now with extensive use for movies, tv episodes, all types of games, audio editing, full audio blast (for entertainment purposes), and connected to two PCs through a KVM.


  • Crystal Clear
  • Very configurable
  • Low and High tones with no Hiss
  • External volume controller which can be switched off directly
  • Solid Build
  • Nice Design
  • Very powerful Subwoofer
  • Price very reasonable


  • Subwoofer is pretty large, but if the size of the subwoofer is an issue then I recommend the Z-10 because its even better but without the sub, and the bass in those speakers are really good. But I tend to like a room to shake when the an explosion occurs in a movie, anime, and tv episodes.

Price: $99
Link: Amazon


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  1. Logitech they have good products..

  2. you reminded me of a funny story. i walked into Best Buy looking for some speakers and a customer service guy who we oddly always see in the supermarket walkes up to, say’s hi, and asks if he could help me, i told him i was looking for speakers, he asked what kind, i said just something good, he said for a party? i answered no but i want something good, i got an Atlec Lansing and they have been good to me :)

  3. MAZE: I love their stuff!

    Laialy: Altec Lansing are pretty good too! But for the 2.1 one I have been happy with the Logitech!

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