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Since I recieved my last shipment about two weeks ago now, I got another box with it which has about 2 TV series, 10 anime, and one Gigabit wireless router. It has been on hold at customs for more then two weeks and the shipping company told me they wont see it before one month. So it has been two weeks now and Im entering the third week. This is making me hate buying online at this point! Im going to go nuts at this rate, the most annoying part is that they are holding something that doesnt belong to them and they are a bunch of idiots.

A person that I know in shipping told me that they would “destroy” any items they deem to be illegal in Kuwait. And how do they decide legality well thats another matter on its own. Before this whole thing people were just happy getting DVDs and watching them, but at this point they aggravating people’s dailiy lives for no reason.

They should use an X-Ray machine and if there are any drugs then stop it, other then that they should let it through period. From a few different people I heard that this is happening to USWS, and Aramex. If you order from Amazon and have them ship directly DHL it wont be stopped. I know two people who did that and they said the cost of shipping is worth their piece of mind. At this point Im going out of my mind. My next big order will be going through DHL directly to Kuwait.

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  1. There must be an alternative… but for me it’s still better to get things delivered to kuwait than bangkok. There, you just never know if you’ll ever get what you ordered, plus import duty is high and randomly applied. At least here you know you’re probably going to get something… eventually.

  2. Ya just get it through DHL next time o0 raye7 nafsik,

    laish eta3eb nafsik ma3a those idiots..

  3. Zouq..just do that and save urself all this headache…..coz I don’t think the the customs ppl will change…go for DHL!

  4. My next order is a MacBook and I don’t want to order it and have it shipped to my mailbox and when it comes to be held for like weeks! I mean seriously I would then rather order it, have it shipped to my Sis in the States and then she’ll bring it back on the 18th of December, but knowing me I’m SO IMPATIENT!

  5. moocherx: true I never thought of the case in other areas! But Im hoping it comes out soon enough!

    Amo0ora: I agree with you, next test will be through FedEx!

    MAZE: Yes those customs guys wont touch DHL because of who is behind it! Its always the name game with these idiots!

    Jacqui: LOOOOL! You will probably have it shipped to your mailbox! Dont worry with laptops there wont be a hold but they will damage the box, hopefully without damaging the contents!

  6. Hi Marzouq, i know what you mean, they really should figure out a solution for this… and it doesn’t just happen in kuwait i assure you. Don’t you wish the world was flat?

  7. izzi: I know they really should figure a solution to this! If they want to apply a tax then fine, apply it and give us our stuff! Honestly I thought about this before and I wish the world was shaped like a Banana! hehehe

  8. Financy

    Marzouq … ive been searching in ur website for a way to contact u .. or send u a private message but i couldnt find it .. maybe its there but i dont see it .

    anyways .. please email me .. i want to suggest something

  9. Financy: I just shot you an email! And now I just updated my About Me page so that it has my email address!

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