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Just like last time when I made a chart of my last work week, this time I did with just two things in mind, the normal work hours and the hours I worked! I have to say that Im happy I got things over and done with! This time there is no 24hrs in day bad! hehehe! I has been a hectic week, but now Im just going to have to wait for the evaluation of the presentation hopefully we did good, and others did worse. And the funniest part is one co-worker asked me why I always come to work with a smile, I told him because Im losing my mind and he started laughing!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LoooooooooooooooL
    that is so true, if i feel like i’m loosing it or if i just got out of a horrible exam i start to laugh .. why is that!!!

  2. Laialy: Well.. I just think I would rather just deal with it like smile! No need to be grumpy and stuff about it! hehehe!

  3. u enjoy doing these charts, dont u :P

    allah yi3eenik my friend
    oo ya36eek il 3afya

  4. Yazeed: loool! I just like analyzing my time and what I do! hehehe!

  5. What’s your work again? I’m sorry…I might have missed it somewhere.

    But WOW…mashallah!! Just one question: What the hell were you doing on Wednesday?…It seems you were working your ass off; sorry foul the foul language but this is the most polite way I can put it LOL :D

  6. still waiting for full coverage of the alienware laptop. pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics

  7. i know what u mean man! being tired off ur ass gets u just as knocked out as drinking a whole bottle…. u r as high as a bird :P anyway, best of luck with the presentation results. with all the hard work and late hours u put in am sure u will kick ass…. if not, find out where those other dudes live and we will pay them a visit…………. lebanese style ;)

  8. Hope you kicked ass in the that presentation..

    wednesday and friday seem like the worst days, you must hav been exhausted by the end of it. Allah y3eenik

  9. U weren’t good at saturday and sunday…..:P

  10. Fallen Angel: Project Manager and Technical Engineer! So when things get kicking.. I kick hard! hehehe! I dont like leaving jobs have done! And that Wednesday was a long job! hehehehe! Couldnt stop.. I had to finish!

    Mark: happening soon!

    Fonzy: looooooooooooool! Man! The bottle thing cracked me up! I was happy with the job I was doing and thats it!

    Amo0ora: I did a pretty good job, but I wish I had more time to prepare.. 4 days for a huge presentation on an extremely technical proposal isnt enough!

    MAZE: loooooool! AFTER EID DAMN IT! hahahaha

  11. Scheiße! Allah e3eenik.

    I know I wouldn’t survive if I had to work on weekends.

  12. MacaholiQ8: Its a matter of pride really, you want to make sure your doing your job right, and as best as you can.

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