Cheese Cake?


hmmm.. anyone want this? I saw this sitting on the table and Im not much of desert person, but I was tryin to figure out what the hell type of cake this thing was. There was nobody in the vicinity to ask and for some reason I really wanted to know what it was, even though I didnt want to eat it. It looked good, but that was about it. Then I was told it was a Cheesecake Cake, and I thought I would share it with everyone. After satisfying my curiousty I continued my path to the kitchen for a cold bottle of water.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Tasty !

    unfortunatly cant hav any, you got me into this diet thing so now im working out and eating less “bad” stuff ;p

  2. i’ll take a small sample bite :/

  3. It doesn’t look like a cheese cake!! but anyway..i don’t mind having a bite..*big one* lool

  4. that looks delicious….. i want a slice although i too am not much of a dessert person. looks like caramel on top

  5. You have to be the WORST motivator for slimmers! How about a picture of a nice egg-white omlette? :P

  6. someone should open the cheese cake factory here in kuwait

  7. Amo0ora: same here! I wasnt doing much with that! Im not much into sweets in the first place!

    MSB: I will give you the whole damn thing, then you can have all the small pieces you want!

    Laialy: Nope! None whatsoever! hehehe

    MAZE: Ur more then welcome to have it! hehehe

    Smartee: thats what I thought, but I was told it was a Cheesecake and I didnt feel like testing the theory! hehehehe! And u can have a huge bite if you want!

    Fonzy: same here Im not much of desert person! I didnt feel like it whatsoever!

    moocherx: loooool! Seriously I wasnt feeling it but that was just funny!

    Borzaiga: I know how you feel, but I think of Shawarmas in that situation

  8. The Grenadine

    It’s Dessert, not Desert… lol

  9. The Grenadine: Thats just a technicallity! hehehe

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