Workout 61106


I havent had a chance to go to the gym in a couple of days, so I went sunday night to get a workout in. I felt like I had to go and push myself harder this time.

Started off with the elyptical for 10 mins, then I headed over to the bench press, my goal was to workout my chest, arms, and abs this time. I got a sweat going so it felt

I was happy how things were going well. I was able to increase the weights more then before since last week was just a warm up for my body. I was doing a good amount of resistance training as well as getting some stretching in before any excercise. I ended with the second ab machine which uses your weight to do the crunches and you have to use your legs to do the ab crunches as well. It was extremely difficult the first time since I have never used this machine before, and I was using my own natural weight without even adding any weight which is the best way to start. After getting things going it felt good.

After going through all the resistance training for the day I got back on the elyptical machine I got another 10 mins of cardio in before leaving.

I was trying to drive home, but damn it was hard as hell to drive the landcruiser since my arms felt extremely light and I could barely move them. I knew I got a good workout in when I feel like it. The funny part is that I only start feeling the soreness at the end of the next day. Its day two when the real pain hits! Its going to be great! But I needed food, and so I called Kabab Ji and ordered some Kabab and I felt like some Coke.

I got home and took a cold/warm/cold (in that sequence of temperature change) shower just before the delivery got home. Damn I felt good after the shower. Tuesday right after work Im going to hit the gym and get a good leg, and back workout in! I need to make sure this is part of my lifestyle at this point!

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  1. Eddy

    blue coke bottle????never seen that before….

  2. we have good taste in food….kababji is gr8…they are my neighbors…

  3. coming to u from class: good job …. 7addi mishtahyaaa a bottle of cold coke
    *day dreaming in class*

  4. Yesterday Sunday was the day I went to the gym as well LOL! Funny thing is, I felt the same thing that you did after your work out when I got into the car, but even funnier, I had Kabab for lunch also LOL! But Kabab El 7eja :P

  5. Glad to hear you’re getting the hang of it, just try to keep away from anabolic stuff.

    Oh and Kababji sucks. :P

    Keep up the great work. ;)

  6. Eddy: loool! I think it was just a reflection from the flash! hehehe

    MAZE: yeah I really like Kabab-Ji!!!

    Laialy:looool! Shakhbary daydreaming in class! hehehe

    Jacqui: ooohhh Kabab al 7eja! thats the best, I havent had those in a while!

    Amo0ora: alah e3aafeech!

    MacaholiQ8: I will, I love Kababji!!!! Im going to try increasing the cardio in increments and stick to a good level of weights, not going up too much!

  7. hehe yeah i know what u mean. the steering wheel feels as light as a feather after a workout, if u exert the same force u might end up doing 360s on the highway:)

    after burj al hamam, kabab ji is my second favorit place. i recommend u have ribs (riyash) but they are always out cos everyone keeps ordering them.

    ya3teek il 3afiyeh and sahtein! :)

  8. Fonzy: Im feeling sore today though! hehehe! That kabab hit the spot though!

  9. moocherx

    I’d read something (an Usher interview, I think) where he does the cold/hot/cold/hot/cold thing after a weights workout… something like cold shower – steam room – cold shower etc. etc. There’s supposed to be some technical reason why it improves the chance of your muscles retaining more of their size, post-workout.

    I just can’t stand spending that long in a locker room hopping about from shower to sauna…

  10. moocherx: I think thats just too much for just to retain muscle size! And I hate just sitting in the heat!

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