SEMA 2006



SEMA is a convention held in Las Vegas every year in the beginning of November for the After-Market Industery, basically anything company that sells items to customize vehicles. This is probably one of the best conventions that I have ever gone to and I wish I could have gone more often, the first and last time I went was on November of 2004! Its huge and so many customized vehicles. I really wanted to see the lifted trucks!



But since I can go their much I still take a look at the pictures online! You guys should check it out! So many different and unique cars! Over 1900 pictures to view!
Link: Autospies SEMA 2006 Gallery

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Off-topic : where would be the best place to go get accessories for an 80 series Land Cruiser?

  2. Stallion: I would go for 3 and 4! hehehehe! For 80 series Landcruiser the best accessories is outside of Kuwait, they dont bring quality accessories in Kuwait anymore, you can down share3 al zeena, at the 2nd intersection on the right there is a place which sells a lot of toyota and nissan accessories but thats the best around currently.

  3. Dude, why didn’t you take your time machine over there? ;)

    A good friend of mine is really into these kind of after market car and had been raving about Sema for ages…., I was supposed to be going there with him this year!….

    but alas, I’m still in Kuwait. :(

  4. am i the only one -> I like the first one !
    7ilwaaah !

  5. Toxy: I wish I could! I would rather teleport over there! hehe! SEMA 2007!!!

    MAZE: and 3 & 4 for me!

    Amo0ora: And the first one would probably break the bank! hehehe!

    DiiGMaa: I agree with you 100%!!

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