49ers Move


Now this is an interesting turn of developments! 49ers are leaving Candlestick Stadium in San Francisco and moving to Santa Clara.

I really just hope its true! I love the 49ers and I used to live in Santa Clara, the new stadium would literally be down the road from me! It would just be fantastic! Tailgating would be so much easier! This gives me even more of a reason to visit! hehehe!

Thanks Yazeed for the link!

Link: SFGate

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  1. not to be a spoil sport, but u DO realize u no longer live there, right? ;)

  2. MSB: Just gives me more of reason to visit my friends more often! hehehe!

  3. hehehe gilt ib tiz3al!!!
    there is talk on tv inna they might go to LA. :P

  4. But dude… this is the SF 49ers… SF is San Francisco… they are moving 34 outside of san francisco. This is going to be weird to get used to.

    It’s like my beloved Kansas City Chiefs leave KC to a near by town!! God Forbidden

  5. Yazeed: I heard an anouncement from ESPN radio online that owner said moving to LA is out of the question!

    Hitman1: Its in the Bay Area, considered the same thing. Do you know the training ground for the 49ers is in Santa Clara! So I dont see it as a problem really! Not at all! Ask anyone from the Bay Area, and they dont mind. They will say that they are still in the Bay Area so its ok!

  6. Purgatory

    The Santa Clara 49ers just sounds gay!

  7. Purg: They wont change the name just the location! They will stay the SF 49ers!!

  8. lol
    the LA thing was just to piss u off and have ur hopes go down :P

    the santa clara 49ers doesnt sound right!
    LA 49ers rakba akthar :P

  9. Yazeed: I think they will still be called the SF 49ers, I dont think they are changing the name, but we shall see!

  10. Purgatory

    Ah good, football teams with girly names do not work.

  11. Purg: I agree with you 100%, they have always been the SF 49ers.. it wont make me like them any less, but changing the name will be a mistake!

  12. i hate it when football teams move locations and change names! SF 49ers cannot change.. they will not change. end of story.

    yazeed: stop playing with fire, else i’ll make u wear a red t-shirt, wrap a rainbow scarf around ur neck and dump u in Orlando btwn May 29th and June 4th! =)

  13. MSB: well said! Exactly they are not changing there name period!

  14. FUZZ

    I know this is really old, but even if the niners move to Santa Clara, the name, logo, colors, uniforms, and every little bit of SF49er history will remain intact, its just the playing field thats gonna change. Btw, this is just perfect for me, im going to Santa Clara University for college!! yeeehaa!!


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