Waiting for PS3


Ok these people are nuts! Weeks before the launch of the Sony PS3 and they are waiting in line. Honestly I would wait a little while before buying the PS3! There were delays for a reason. I think there are going to be stampedes and people are going to get the crap beaten out of them! Im going to look forward to this! I want to here who killed who for a PS3!

Link: Engadget

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  1. So wait PS3 wasn’t it pushed to launch in 2007 early? Or what? It’s crazy that I’m getting lost with all those dates :/

  2. Jacqui: I think its coming out in a couple of weeks.. End of November or beginning of december but for sure before chrsitmat.. they reduced the number of PS3s produced to keep the same launch date!

  3. i think ps3 gets launched in 4 days. the wii gets launched 5 days later.

  4. I just read on amazon it’s supposed to be Nov. 17 :P

  5. Mark: I think your right!

    Jacqui: I know one thing, Im not buying it!

  6. LOL these people are sad !

    when the new x.box came out, people on london had to be on a waiting list for no more than 4 months minimum..

    allaah yaster shn0o bi9eer lema its launched..

  7. PS3 launch day is Friday the 17th of Nov and Wii on 19th. But yeah I agree, I mean waiting for PS3 like a week before it releases…CRAZY!! I’m gonna attend the mid-night launch of the Wii though…hopefully, my EBgames store won’t run out of units on me.

  8. Amo0ora: Its a bit rediculous, but Im curious to the battles that will take place!

    Fallen Angel: Hopefully they will have some for you, if they do go check out Toys R Us.. they would have it too, but people keep forgeting!

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