KTM 990 SuperDuke




This is the SuperDuke! I have been looking at this bike for a while now! I think Robo sould have a sibling to play with! This is one spunky machine which needs curves to get the best out of it. For some reason I have this attraction to “different” looking bikes or something you can tweak to make it your own. The SuperDuke kept getting amazing reviews and everyone who has one is very happy with it except for the milage and the instrument cluster could be better, and I really dont think those two are an issue for me. Its a true street fighter and handles amazingly, and KTM is a very good manufacturer so the quality is fantastic. So many bikes so little time.

Tristar is selling it for 5200KD which is a bit of mark up since in the states they sell it for $15K, which is about 4400KD. Still is a bike worth looking at.

Link: KTM

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  1. its too much like robo. you need a sportsbike.

  2. Mark: Im thinking either MV Agusta or Aprillia, but nobody is coming back to me with a quote! Its annoying! This bike is quite a different then Robo if you look at the characterisitics.

  3. where is the MV Agusta store, i tried finding it but i couldnt..

  4. Mark: I think Tristar also bring MV Agusta Motorcycles!

  5. marzouq bSs 5ala9 every week you put an even nicer bike..

    Now i want them all ! I want the whole “approved by marzouq” bikes ;Pp

  6. Amo0ora: looool! There are a lot more to come!

  7. Mama!
    It’s a sexy bike Marzouq. I don’t blame you.

    Still, you should also save up some money to buy a house too :P

  8. Jewaira: Its so nice! I agree with you about the house thing, Im trying to keep numbers in mind and how to go about it, but Im not a numbers person so it aint easy!

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