Wierd Call


While I was busy working on something my phone rings, and I dont know the number so I didnt feel like answering it was late. Most unknown numbers are from work so I thought it could wait until tommorow. Then the same number called again right away, then a third time. So I answered.

The guy asked me if I was selling a Camry I said no. He sounded Egyptian, so then he said I was lying. I asked him what number he wanted and he was off by one digit, and I told him check the number and call that number. He said I was lying because his friend already called and he wants to out buy him thats why Im lying to him. I was shocked from the lying part, but the story about his friend got me laughing. I honestly was laughing because the guy was a nut case! I couldnt help but laugh! I dont know what else to say to the guy, so I said if he calls again Im giving his number to the police or the crazy people hospital, then “click”. hehehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ya3jibny borood a39abik and how you handle sticky situations. oo aham shay you can laugh at about almost anything LOL

  2. Heh, what’s up with them people? I got an irritating call a few weeks ago (had a post about it), now you.

  3. what is it with those calls ?

    I keep getting wierd calls from ppl, this guy keeps calling me and asks if i called him and im like walla i never saw your number bSs hes like your number came out on my phone so you called..

    and every 2 days he calls and repeats the same thing again..

    what idiots !

  4. It could be one of those recording .. you should post his number here; we can see if he still wants that camry. ;)

  5. It’s normal…i always get calls from people requesting a delivery..they think i own a restaurant…and i take their orders and then make fun of them…hehehehe….how bad am I ?

  6. looooooooool
    what’s up with you and the police .. i try not to answer the phone while i’m going to sleep because then i don’t remember what i said

    allah yaster bss … who knows what can come out of my mouth :p

  7. If someone called me a liar after calling me on a wrong number, I would reply using the “F” word many many times. I might even be so incensed I throw in a “C” too…. and I don’t mean “Camry”…

  8. I got a call from a number I didn’t know and I picked it up! It was a girl on the other end who wanted to ask me a few questions! when she asked if I was busy I told her I was in Amghara at the scrap yard and she asked when would be a good time to call and I told her to call back in an hour! I wasn’t lieing and she never called back!

  9. Extinct Dodo: I was just surprised to find I had a nut case on the phone, no real reason to get mad.. it would be more fun to piss him off! hehehe

    MacaholiQ8: they come randomly! And the funny part they act like they are so sure.

    Amo0ora: I usually dont pick up numbers I dont know. Its simple and it works most of the time!

    K: I dont think it was a recording the guy was nuts! i took our my chip last night to test something so all the recent calls are gone!

    MAZE: Thats HILARIOUS!!!!!

    Laialy: looooool! Its just so easy to say the police and it scares the crap out of the people. Also I have called the cops in the states and in Kuwait. they are harmless!

    moocherx: I know exactly what your talking about, but I was in a very chill mood when he called! hehehe!

    Stallion: hahahaha! Thats really strange, what questions did she have in mind? hmmmm

  10. hehe i get wrong number calls all the time and once this indian guy calls and asks for some weird name and insisted that this is his number and im hiding him so I cussed him out lebanese style but in english:) can imagine a guy calling u a lier in egyptian, must have been very annoying to hear!

  11. Fonzy: it wasnt annoying as much as it shocked me a bit, but I find some eyptians to be funny and this guy was going off!

  12. jewaira

    Lol that was funny! Loved it!

  13. Jewaira: hehehe! Eyptian guys make me laugh so I thought I was in a movie from ART Movies hehehe!

  14. LOOOOOL @ the crazy ppl hospital, i might use that :P

  15. Blasha: lazim! Mustashfa el Meyaneen o bes! hehehe

  16. tehehehe, eee, bajaribha, shakilha it has a great impact :P

  17. Blasha: Make sure to say it with attitude and keep a straight face! hehehee!

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