DRM? Microsoft!?!?


This is the Zune with all its kinks and features.

There is something that is extremely annoying that they keep forgeting to mention, which is DRM. What is DRM you ask. Well it is something I wanted to clear up since it is quite important to your user rights.

DRM limits what you can do with the audio or video that you buy. Basically your renting the audio from the content owners, and you only have the audio for a limited amount of time. You can not transfer the audio to any other machine, and you can not burn it to CD.

I dont want to go into the details of what DRM is, but I just wanted to say how it might affect us. Whats good about iTunes is that once you buy the song its your and you can burn to CD and make transfers if you want. I am all for legally buying audio, since their audio is very high quality. The way DRM is its like your renting audio cds and you can only play in one car, and you cant play it at home. That is just rediculous who rents CDs?!?

This is just an issue that has been getting under my skin, and I hope that the Zune fails miserably because of this issue. I honestly think that the Zune is a cool looking player, but not the way it works. Makes me hate it, and Microsoft even more.

You could see that the product is already having problems from Engadget.

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  1. “once you buy the song its your and you can burn to CD and make transfers if you want.”

    Not exactly. You can only burn a playlist about 7 times and you can transfer the file to up to 5 authorized computers at a time.

    With Zune, even if you have a regular DRM-free MP3 file, it will add DRM to it as part of its wireless sharing feature!

  2. 3baid: the idea thats annoying me is that Im paying for something yet I have restrictions on its use. But thank you for clarifying the details of the DRM. Adding DRM to a DRM-free MP3 file is horrible in the first place! Screw that! I really hope this doesnt work out!

  3. asd

    y3ni shlon! acancel amazon order?
    ya shimatat Mark fina ;p

  4. asd

    oh and thanks for the clarification

  5. flippin’ digital rights management
    howevere, i have always wondered about 6arab and salmiya.net if what they do was legal hmmm :/

  6. asd: I wouldnt buy it if I were you! Even your bunch of MP3s will have DRM added to it!

    Laialy: those arent legal, but nobody in the middleeast is going to sue an online establishment!

  7. asd

    cancelled and replaced with the new nano! thx again

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