Review: Little Man


I thought this would be one funny movie because I like the Wayans brothers so much. I even thought White Chicks was pretty good, but this movie failed my expectations greatly I really didnt think that it would be that bad. Its rare that I think a movie is this bad that I really wish I didnt see it. It had its funny moments and thats why I gave it a 1 out of 5 but other then that it was hard to sit through. Its rare that I dont sit through a movie, but this one was so bad that I couldnt keep on watching it. If you havent seen this movie then spare yourself the pain and dont watch it.

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  1. i saw in when it first came out
    the trailers burned it
    i couldnt laugh cause i have seen all the funny scenes in the trailers/previews
    one of the worst movies i went to see in the theatre

  2. I saw it, but I thought it was sorta fine, I could watch it in one sitting but I won’t be watching it again anytime soon, I actually deleted it :P

  3. Yazeed: I agree with you!

    Jacqui: you deleted it at least!

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