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Alienware, Voodoo, Dell, and every other PC manufactures is going crazy with the Intel Core 2 chips. Alienware, Dell, and Voodoo have come out with these insane chips and maxed out setups.

I basically took these PCs to the highest they can go! I got the Alienware PC on its own up to $7893.00, the Dell up to $5470.00, and the Voodoo $9876.00.

You can get the core 2 duo up to 2.93 Ghz, I maxed out the ram up to 8 GBs, the Main HD up to 750GB, and other hard drives up to 1.5 Terabytes (1500GB) , the Voodoo I got it to 3 TBs! Two high end Graphics cards with at least 512MB on it up to 1GB! High End audio card and Running Windows Vista!


It seems that if you want new tech and want it now then you can get it, and if you max out these PCs then you wont be needing any upgrade anytime soon. Pretty far down the line really! But its insane the tech you can get right now, I think my PCs are pretty damn good really, and I do a lot with them. But if any of these PCs even flex their muscles compared to my PC its like an Abrams M1 Battle Tank running over my Toyota microbus! Just no comparison, but this is excessiveness to the extreme, but if I or any techie could get their hands on these kinds of PCs its like being in heaven! hehehe! So insane, and so beautiful!

Link: Engadget-Dell

Link: Engadget-Alienware

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  1. the worst thing is that they would still run windows :P

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    i dont know why but the Akismet spam, which is the software i use to protect my blog from spam, thinks ur a spammer :P
    i keep de-spaming u, but u keep poping up as one. so bear with me if ur comment doesnt appear right away.

  2. One of these beauties is just what the doctored ordered to play the upcoming VANGUARD maxed out!!

  3. Yazeed: hehehe! Windows seems to be whats pushing for their performance! No problem about the spammer but watch out for it!

    amer: Vanuard wont even dent these system’s performance! These are real Beasts!

  4. Maaaaaaaaan huuufffttt !

    can you stick to one post a day !!

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    I kno wI know este3aaby lag.. but what can I say.. I’m at work.. nothing more to be said.. I’m ranting again aren’t I.. emmmoookkkkaaayyy me go now..







  5. DiiGMaa: hahahahhahahahahahha! Tha7akt bil dawaam! Im running around a lot but I get these posts ready to go at night! hehehe! Just search your name and the posts will come up! hehehe! Inshalla dawaam moo emta3bich bes!

  6. I think Leo Laporte said it best:

    “Pro PC users use high end hardware. Mac users use high end software.”


  7. They look “beautiful,” but the prices are “insane”!

  8. lfc-q8

    and they just came out with the quad core :)

  9. 3baid: hahaha.. Standard MAC talk!

    bella color: yeah I know! Its whats in the inside that counts ;)

    MAZE: hahhahahaha

    lfc-q8: yeah some of those above are available in quad core!!!!!

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