Microsoft Firefox!!!!


Ok this shocked the hell out of me! What is going on here! The website seems too legitimate looking to be fake! Am I going nuts or is this Microsoft Firefox, it has features and website seems to be in perfect working order, but its too funny. There are lots of funny comments through out the website, but Im extremely tempted to download the browser and try it! I am EXTREMELY curious even though I know it would be going against my better judgement! Check it out people, if anyone tries it please let me know! The anticiptation is killing me!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LooooooooooooooL
    aham shay on the website it says “it’s better now LIKE SERIOUSLY”

    et-hagaaa bill gates is smart now?

  2. of course it’s a joke M! Did you see the minimum requirements for download?
    “Quadcore CPU 4.6GHz processor or higher (For the loading of ”

    haha – and it’s true. Hotmail is wayyyyy to big a progam to be doing just email… they must be up to some mischief too….

  3. Required “Microsoft HD-DVD-ROM drive (Required to maintain dangerous CPU temperatures)” Like seriously man!! lol this is some funny shit

  4. Yazeed: seriously!

    Laialy: ana kint mayit min el thu7ik while reading it!

    Moocherx: hahahaha! I read the other specs too! Some crazy stuff really!

    Fonzy: I know whoever put this together made a lot of effort really!

    Dawn Fairy: I think he should!

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