Review: Thank You For Smoking


I thought this was going to be a Bowling for Columbine type movie, but I was little bit off with this. Nick Naylor is the spokesmen for Big Tobacco, and he puts the best spins on the worst facts. This is one movie which I didnt expect to be this good, and the satire in it is just perfect. You keep following Nick and seeing how he wins argument after argument. And it isnt that he likes smoking, but its more about doing his job. And he teaches his son his philisophy of being able to question things and putting a spin on what people says. The man gets intangled with lots of things, and he is doing what he does best. I really liked this movie and think everyone should see this movie.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I LOVED this movie, i watched when it was playing in the movies

    on the other hand, my mom fell asleep ;)

  2. Laialy: yeah its great! loool ur mom fell asleep.. I’ve done it a few times! hehehe

  3. I loved the movie…

    It was such a sweet movie…

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