No “Thank You”

What is it with people! I dont get it why they dont say thank you, giving the cold shoulder and shrugging someone off seems to be standard here and it pisses me off! I thank people on purpose, be it a doorman, sombody letting me into the lane, a CEO, anyone! Showing a little gratitude might go a long way.

I get the weirdest looks from people when I say thank you. And I always thank people that give me way when Im riding.

What gets on my nerves is when you give someone way or you open the door and they give you a dirty look. When I let this lady out in front she gave me a dirty look because she thinks I might want to harrass her, but still she didnt have to give me a dirty look. She wasnt something you would want to look at anyways, and she has more makeup then the layer of asphalt on the ground. And its always these women giving dirty looks, and if Im on my bike they are always giving me dirty looks thinking that Im going to lean over and hit on them or something, but still that doesnt mean they should be assholes to everyone just because of a few bad apples.

When in my bike gear I get some people who like it or some people who think that Im a punk, but I dont care really. One time I picked up a drink from starbucks and I was leaving to get back on my bike, and a young lady with her baby son were walking in so I opened the door and looked the other direction just because I didnt want her to give me a dirty look. She said “merci” which honestly surprised me since I wasnt expecting it, it made me happy. A thank you does have an affect, I walked back to my bike smiling because of one kind word. Even when old men say thank you to me for stopping and letting them stop it makes me feel good.

The ones that annoy me are the old ladies that cross the streets like they own them, and when you do stop they dont even thank you. They just give you dirty looks.

This is something that annoys me in Kuwait! Almost no one says thank you!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. this reminds me of my mom.. when im at a restaurant or something and i said my pleases and thank you’s to the waiters or whatever, she always scolds me and says “they’re here to serve you why are you saying these things :@” LOL FUNNEH!

  2. thank u for the post.. so many times i get irked for the same exact reason.. shino beseer feehom lo they used a bit of decency and politeness/etiquette!!! sometimes they’re so rude that u actually regret the nice act u did..

  3. I’m really bad at letting people know if they’re forgotten to say thank you. If I open a door to let people through (something I do a lot – English manners, etc…) and they don’t even acknowledge me, I just say really loudly as they’re passing “You’re Very Welcome!”

    However, I’m actually *thinking* “and next time it’ll slam in your face, bitch”

  4. austin

    I guess i have a reason to all that caz i have found the same difference ….when kids being small get educated in skewls be it in the middle east or anywhere …they end up learning 3 golden words please sorry and thank you but never get taught properly where to use them. out ere in australia ..even if you speak to a person whoz sober ….and he does a purchase he/she wud always make it a point that after every request there is a please and after any form off acceptance there is a thank you …the reason is that the education systems make it mandatory for students to be polite when they speak and to respect although there are odd cases around but in kuwait personally i feel people live in a world of pride where these words make the person who say it feel down to the person of interest…whereas out ere in Australia every onz accustomed to it as a phrase that makes the front person feel worthy of doing a deed ….therz times when i have seen in kuwait where you end up struggling to fin

  5. austin

    ….find something done and you need help but even after help is found the person who recieved it feels oh ya its his duty ,…you go into Mcdonalds or kfc out there and you wud know what i mean exactly ….people pay not for service and food but only for food…thats being mean ..i guess ppl are used to it…its hard to make the world change so sometimz u just gotta adapt to the surroundings without doing any changes caz they arent influential in any ways…

  6. Extinct-Dodo: not thanking is the wrong attitude! They could make the service horrible but if they do good then nobody acknowledges them! Zain itsaween!

    MSB: I never regret the act because I know Im doing the right thing, but they still piss me off!

    Laialy: loooool! OVER AND OUT! hehehe

    moocherx: looooooool! Good stuff, thats the way to do it, bitch I should have slammed the door in your face!

    austin: Your right every australian I have met has been either funny, nice person, and great person to work with. Like you said Australians are taught that from day one, but here it doesnt seem to be the case. But I will make people change one by one! I dont care if Im going against the tide!

  7. I know exactly how it feels, and i HATE old women for alot more reasons

  8. Thank you Zouq for your post!

  9. Blasha: I agree with you, I dont hate them, but I think I should teach them some manners! God damn it! I would put them over my knee and spank them until they know!

    MAZE: hehehe! It had to be said!

  10. Tehehehehehe, ta3aL, spank my gramma :P

  11. Aleeh

    Its more sort of an american culture where you have to be responsive. no body gives a dam here in kuwait and does not like to express appreciation here.

  12. I always say “Thank you” to anyone really, hell some of them are shocked because I think that they don’t hear the words “Thank You” from most of the population here. Hell at home, here, when our helper brings me lunch or whatever I say “Thank you” it’s just something that’s been programmed in me and I hope to program it into my children someday soon. But I so understand what you’re saying.

  13. Blasha: looool! I will leave that to you!

    Aleeh: That is true to a certain degree, but other cultures thank a lot, Australians, Italians, Spanish, English and Germans. To a lot of other people it seems weird, but they dont have to be rude about it!

    Jacqui: Saying thank you is good! I know the look of shock your talking about! hehehe

  14. I guess some ppl just forget or something..

    Sometimes i think i say thank you so many times that ppl get bored of it. My mom sees it in a diff way, most of them are guys and i keep smiling and saying thank you so she gets mad and says ‘shako kel hal 6eeba, shaklech bSs etwaz3een smiles 3alla il.guys’ hehee

    bSs soon she understood that im just used to say thank you.. madrii i feel guilty if i didnt, a7es theyr saying ‘what a bitch’ in their heads..


  15. Amo0ora: They dont forget when your looking at them in the face. Ok el 6eeba shay o just a little grattitude is nice. If they did something nice then thats fine, but here they dont even thank them for doing anything. I know what you mean about feeling bad if you didnt thank them, thats why I make a point to thank people!

  16. nig6a

    lol you know women usually complain that men are very ungentilmen-like in kuwait. I for one used to think that, but now I see it works both ways. Whenever I’m in Europe or wherever, I feel the difference. I know how you feel because it makes me feel the same way but don’t take it to heart. I’m sure those people don’t intentionally do it to make you feel that way. It’s just the way they were raised, they’re not all blessed with a family like yours or mine that taught us how to be considerate to others. Just watch how children behave with their parents in public and you’ll know what I mean lol…

  17. nig6a: I know what you mean, but still it gets to me! Why do they have to be so uptight and everyone is the enemy! Thats the look they have! A little gratitude goes a long way!

  18. jewaira

    Hahaha, funny. Same as this story I heard once:
    A Kuwaiti man slowed down to let some women pass thinking he was the epitome of good manners.

    Of course they crossed the road, one of them looked back at him, scowled, and said ” mallet” as she pushed her palm into the air ( meaning: kummat 3alaih)

    He was boiling and shouted: يا صخول

    That’s what happens when you act like a gentleman, lol!

  19. Jewaira: I cant blame the guy its annoying as hell when they do that! Contemplating running over them sometimes!

  20. nig6a

    lol I can’t stop laughing.. I thought i was the only one that contemplate running over stupid people and chicken on the road :P Marzouq you’re smart mashallah, bright, open minded, and you have it all going for you, does it really matter what or how these people act? lol I find it really cute that you have a sensitive side to you :) But can’t you see that you’re on a different mental sphere than they are? Besides, I usually act like a lady because those are the standards and principles I laid down for myself, no monkey or monkette on the road is going to compromise my standards or etiquette. Laugh at them ;)

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