Review: Dell 2407FPW


This screen has been on my list of wants for a while since I watch a lot of stuff on my PC. My cousin got this as gift for his Bday from his brother so on friday we put this together, reorganized all the PC wires and got rid of all the unneeded wiring. When we powered it up it look nice, and we wanted to see how it look with games some episodes. I have to say that all the reviews were correct in that this screen is amazing, and crisp. We started up World of Warcraft and we were mezmorized by the crisp graphics, amazing tones, the natural hues all of it just fantastic. As long as you have a high end graphics card its well worth getting this screen. We started watching the apprentice to see how good it is, and it was so good that we forgot we were watching it just for testing reasons. I forgot we were watching it on a PC! I think it was around 270KD, and it was ordered from the a store in Hawally who got it from the states.

Update: The price delivered is 300KD, that is what you get in Hawally. I just checked.


  • Clear pictures
  • Crisp graphics
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Built-in 9-in-1Card Reader
  • Two extra USB Connections
  • Mutiple types of connections (DVI, VGA, Composite, and S-Video )
  • Very nice design
  • Very flexible direction, height, and tilt adjustment
  • Cheaper then an Apple 23inch Screen (I had to throw that in)


  • Price (But that will always be an issue unless its free)

This screen needs to be seen to be believed. And for those complaining about the quality of the Apple, they use the same exact tube.
Rating: r4.5.bmp

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  1. If they throw in a TV/Satellite tuner – sold!!

  2. oOOoooo I pass the dell koisk every morning on my way to the gym..That sure is a pretty screen eh? I think I should start my b day list :P

  3. moocherx: Screw the tuner just get the screen!

    Lilacs: I added a while back and I still want it!

  4. chr0nik

    270 KD eh, thats around 70 kd more than if u buy it online from dell not including shipping charges. Do you know which shop in hawally ? really want this screen!! :)

  5. Which shop in Hawalli? I would rather order it through them then pay for customs fees and hope it arrives in one piece.

  6. With Aramex it would cost 220kd (after tax/shipping to kuwait).

  7. chr0nik: Its the new 24″ screen so the cheapest you can find it is 240KD I think. I will post the shop name when I get it from him!

    K: I will post the shop name when I get home!

    Jacqui: 300KD! including shipping!

    K: Is it the same model?

    MacaholiQ8: its the 24″!

  8. chr0nik

    Marzouq, did u find out which shop in hawally?

  9. jeganatha reddy

    i like to know , where i can buy a original dell laptop in kuwait

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