Review: The Departed


This is one movie that I had high expectations for and it exceeded them. A great combination of actors with a great director. The lines are blurred with all the action taking place with a fantastic story line. I have to say that Im not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, I tend to avoid his movies because he annoys me, but after seeing this movie I have to say that he has great acting skills and the star of this movie is Jack Nicholson. Matt Damon did an amazing job with his part, and opposite him was Mark Wahlberg. You have to watch this movie if you havent seen it, its one of those great movies with blow after blow after blow. It isnt all action its about mind games, deception, unseen ties, and remembering everything that takes place. You have patches of information and this movie makes you think to patch everything together. It might be three hours long, but it was the fastest three hours I have ever felt. I cant recommend this movie enough! I loved Jack Nicholson in this movie!
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Rating: r4.5.bmp

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  1. i was disappointed with this movie! i loved it… until about the last 20 mins! i dont want to give away anything in case someone who hasnt seen it is reading, but while some ppl may feel the ending is what made the movie, to me, it killed it!

  2. One of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen although I disagree with you on one point, I utterly hate Jack Nicholson and wanted someone else in his role. About Mark Wahlberg, I think he should get back to his striptease business instead of acting.

  3. SOS

    hmmm…..i got the bootleg version a week ago…i need to see it…

  4. I loved the movie so much, it makes you think who’s with who ? and why he did it. i like your review about it.

  5. MSB: The ending was insane! It was different, thats why I liked it!

    Extinct: damn 3aad I think it hit the spot!

    MacaholiQ8: hahahahahaha! Damn now thats some hate!

    SOS: Watch its worth it!

    Dawn Fairy: I wanted to make sure to convey the feelings of the movie and not spoil the story!

  6. lfc-q8

    msb i`m with u about the ending and its not clear as well and a lot of flying brains :(

  7. lfc-q8: Its seems there are a lot of mixed feelings regarding this movie! Brains were flying everywhere!

  8. Sami

    Awesome movie. Scorsese is the man!

    “Maybe, maybe not. Maybe f*ck yourself.”

  9. Laialy: yup, you did!

    Sami: Great movie, love that line! hehehe

  10. chr0nik

    The original was better “Infernal Affairs” , though the shrink Vera Farmiga was hot , nice culo ;)

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