Casino Royale Kuwait – Cut Scenes


I’m dying to watch this movie! Im a huge fan of all James Bond movies, but its killing me about the cut scenes. Some people say it isnt that bad, until I found out how many scenes they did cut.

The average movie is cut 3 to 4 scenes in Kuwait, which isnt horribly bad. But they cut 21 cut from this movie, the torture scene, every bikini scene, and everything else they could cut out. I would be pissed as hell watching the movie seeing they removed half the stuff. I can’t watch it like that, I would rather wait a bit to watch it whole.

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  1. dimplez

    21 scenes!!!!! they turned the movie into a trailer by doing this lol

  2. Ok awalan.. I’m more of a bond fan than you ;P

    thaniyan where do you get your info from MZzee ?? I mean how do you know exactly it’s 21 scenes ? how ?

    and isn’t it bad enough there’s no more Pierce Brosnan let alone Kuwait Cinema cuts out that many scenes !!

    and I’m hopping they kept John Cleese as Q.. otherwise I give up !!

    Hupphhtt bs mabee mabee !!

  3. Diigmaa no Q for you ;p

    Marzouq, it was still an effing long movie. I was glad when it was done!

  4. dimplez: true!

    DiiGMaa: I know its exactly 21 scenes from people I know in KNCC, they told me thats how many scenes were cut. I think Brosnan was a great Bond, but Craig is turning into a bad ass bond.

    Tooomz: loool! I know it will be good, but cut scenes drive me nuts! I really want to see it clear! Thats the annoying part!

  5. El7amdlillah am not a big fan of 007 movies, lol. I went to THE QUEEN, was a good movie. Changed some perspectives.

  6. Zouq is the movie still showing?…..i wonder…:P

  7. 007 movies should be watched on the big screen.. aneh agool come to bahrain and see it.. it wont be ‘cut-free’ but it’ll definitely be less than 21!!!!!!

  8. LOOL we should hav a mo’6aharaa about the cut scenes hehee ;p

  9. moocherx: I agree!

    Loura: I want to see that movie, but its damn long!

    MSB: I say go to Dubair for 12 hours just to watch this movie! And whatever else they got in the theater! hehehe!

    Amo0ora: Then the religious bearded bastards will show up in large numbers! And I switch on my shaver! hehehehe!

  10. I think its time the KNCC stops cutting movies .. we need to start a movement.

  11. La bss i think its better to do it like they do it in the UK, where each movie has an age limit to it..

    that way is better, its not like the grownups cover their eyes whenever a “bad” scene comes out..

  12. i went to watch it 2 days was soooooo bad so borring and not understandable cuz there was lots of cut scenes, that some ppl actuaaly left the place from half of the movie ! dont advice u to watch it in the u said just wait a bit till you watch it whole!

  13. K: It isnt KNCC cutting it, its the MOI!! Its annoying as hell!

    Amo0ora: There should be an age limit! Currently in Kuwait there is no age limit!

    Noush: Im thinking about a day trip to dubai and finishing up meetings while watching this as well!!!

  14. Tuna

    that movie was the best James movie ever and the most romantic one.. must seen without any cut to feel all the passion and sex through out the movie ( Romance)

  15. Tuna: yup, that is why Im going to wait to see it! I dont want to watch it cut up at all!

  16. Great explained. Certainly I bump few impressions.

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