Speed Cameras on Pause


I always watch out for cameras when Im driving, but when Im riding its a whole other story. I usually go 20Kph over the speed and I know they usually dont go off. But when Im on the bike the past couple of days I go faster when I see camera to see if anything happens.

When the road is empty I usually cruise going 160 Kph, but now when I see a camera I go past it at least 170Kph+ I want to see if it takes a picture. I have passed at least 30 – 40 cameras in every direction to see if it takes a picture, I mean from Shuweikh all the way south to Bnaider, and even Jleeb Shyookh. All the areas in between, noting has gone off. But all the cameras that take pictures from behind when crossing a red light or speeding through an intersection work, I had one take a picture when I was going quickly through an intersection on a green light.

The only working camera is on Al Ta’awoon Street opposite Dar Salwa, where Shiekh Sabah lives.

The ones Im sure of are the ones that take pictures from the front. In Kuwait its funny they switch the cameras on when they want and switch it off when they want, or maybe its broken and they dont feel like fixing it!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. actually they switch them off when they notice they arent catching many violators and once people get used to the idea that they are not functioning anymore and keep speeding, they turn them on again and try to catch as many as possible :) marketing strategy i guess :P

  2. Marzouq you need to stop telling people about how they won’t get caught if they speed broo7hum myanan!! :P

  3. Dude… do you enjoy paying all these fines? Its as if you’re asking for them. Or do you tell them you were testing the functionality of the cameras and since this is a service they don’t fine you??

    Personally I don’t agree with the whole speed camera concept. If the road is clear, a person should be able to go 160/180, why not? But then again, that would only work if everyone was a safe and rational driver. A big no here in Kuwait.

  4. I am going to get a james bond license plate for the times when I feel like speeding .. push a button and have it dissappear.

    He is on a bike .. they don’t take pictures of bikes..

  5. KtheKuwaiti:
    I’m not sure if I get you; they don’t fine any cameras that were tripped due to a bike? That’s vehicular discriminiation man! :P
    Or are you saying that bikes don’t trip cameras… but he already mentioned that he set one off this way.

  6. I got caught by that one in Salwa too – the one that gets you from behind. I thought it was only there to see if you jumped a red light

  7. LOL nice subject to talk about..

    like we need more speeding people in this partof the world !?

    i always drive 140, seriously its not that fast esp if ur in a big car..

  8. Fonzy: I dont think they are that smart! hehehe!

    1001: I dont think the crazy ones read this blog! loooool!

    sabah: on a bike when the camera takes a picture from the front there is no way to identify it. Its very difficult and many people can tell the different. And Im wearing a helmet with a black visor so cant even see the face. And your right cameras do take pictures of bikes, but they dont anything with them, its almost impossible to track down! Gotta love vehicular descrimination!

    K: Im down the with Bond plate, but yeah cameras do take pictures, I usually give a peace sign and I get pissed when they dont take pictures!

    MAZE: I dont mind the Salwa one since it takes it from the front! hehehe!

    moocherx: no the ones from behind do take pictures from speeding! So watch out, and those are always working!

    Amo0ora: For some reason in Kuwait they are either doing 160+ or 100 and it drives me nuts! We need everyone to retake the drivers test!

  9. LOL true true..

    half the people out there got it through wa96aa !!

    plus, im underage,, whooops ! shoudlnt be driving..

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