Weight Goals


What Im trying to do is a little different then just dropping weight.

Im at 96Kgs and my goal is drop all the way down to 80Kgs, from what I was told that is my ideal weight. But Im not the type of person to go on an all out diet and just not eat anything, that is probably the last thing I would do! I dont eat snacks or anything between meals, and I dont have a sweet tooth. So after a good meal, no matter what the dessert is it doesnt entice me at all.

After three weeks of working out at a consistent rate I havent dropping anything really.

From 96 Kgs to 95Kgs, but a few things that I have been feeling:

  • I dont feel as tired anymore
  • Building up endurance
  • I feel my strength coming back

I feel like Im going to drop weight in due time, but I just want to make sure Im consistent in the gym, and it feels good that Im going.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I am at my ideal weight it’s just that I have a fuller face now and a tiny belly :P (in the words of my uncles i look like an ant that swallowed a pea) So yeah :/

  2. Jacqui: looool! Yeah need to tone, thats it!

  3. hahahahahaaaaa…….u need a diet!

  4. jewaira

    Keep it up. I am sure you will be right on track and we support you in this campaign brother ;)

  5. If you wanna lose wieght the thing to do is make sure you eat properly..

    Ya3nii 3 meals a day 0o chithy.. the best thing to do is to keep an eye on how many calories your eating.. Its easier ;)

    As you can see i have been doing some reading, i wanna be my ideal wieght too ;p

    Good Luck :)

  6. 9ara7aa .. i have no idea how to diet bss i have been trying this thing called “less intake” AKA “stop eating” :p but it’s not helping i don’t seem to be losing on the scale but i am sure i have lost inches :)

  7. It took me five months to lose eight kilogrammes, I did change my habits, I started eating three healthy meals a day! But since I came back to France, I eat less and it is taking longer than I thought to lose the last few kilos!

  8. forzaq8: Im doing cardio so no need for that, and there is nothing compared to the rush of a motorcycle!

    MAZE: I wil eat you! hehehe! “Get in ma BELLY”

    Jewaira: for some reason you sound like your from the black panthers! looool! Im going to keep going with this and hopefully get some results soon! hehehe

    Amo0ora: there is no way in hell I can figure out how much calories Im taking in! That would literally be too difficult to figure out while Im eating the good food. I scale it one way, if I finish and dont feel stuffed then Im good!

    Laialy: the thing is you should stay healthy and work out more.. thats the only real way of keeping it off!

    Blue Ice Envy: it wont be easy for me and I know but Im going to keep working out and trying to eat healthy. The portions in France are tiny!

  9. LOL ya thats another way too..

    ygoloon dont eat dinner and you will lose wieght..

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