For a little while I have been having a lot of problems with Kazaa Lite, Limewire, and Bearshare so I pretty much stopped using them. After looking around I found a really good P2P software which lets me get what music or other things I might need.

The problems I was having with those P2P programs was that they were always givin me fake files when I download them or there would be a ton of spyware. This new eMule P2P software operates a little differently then the rest, but it still connects to multiple networks, and its not the most user friendly but its really good. The best part about it is that there is no spyware attached to it.

Link: eMule
Link: Download eMule

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  1. I’ve used it for a while, it’s quite good. Got loads of songs, videos, books and films through it.

    Good luck.

  2. elijah: yeah I like it too, it always finds it somehow!

    extinct dodo: looooool! Well if that works for you then try it out!

  3. I stick to torrents every way possible and only Limewire on my Mac since I don’t get infected there. (Knock on Wood)

  4. Jacqui: torrents are good except for songs! And emule is way better the limewire since it uses the limewire network ontop of other networks!

    Laialy: U will like it! :)

  5. Give Shareaza a try. It connects to Gnutella1 (Limewire, Bearshare…), Gnutella2 (Morpheus…) and Edonkey (eMule, eDonkey…) and supports Bittorrent, (trackerless torrnets) and uses SHA1, and MD5 hash keys. Even though the name sounds like it’s a rip off Kazaa, it’s completely different.


  6. Have you tried iMash? My sis tried it and she says it’s better than emule.

  7. Geeky

    it’s My favorite , use this site to get the latest TV shows http://tvunderground.org.ru/index.php, they have a list of almost all the show and Just click and ity will be added to eMule
    by the way its open source thats why NO ADs

  8. 3baid: Sweet I will try that out! I hope it doesnt have any fake stuff on it, but I will try it out!

    elijah: never tried iMash before, but Im also willing to try it!

    Geeky: yeah I know its open source thats what I like about it. I will check out that link for things to download! Thanks!

  9. Laialy: hehehe! Told you its not for everyone!

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