MacBook, Pro, & Nano Alacantra Covers


I was looking around for some covers for my laptop then I stumbled upon these amazing looking Alacantra covers, but they turned out to be only for Apple Macbooks, Macbook Pros, and Nano. Alacantra is the nice material that European luxury car makes use in their vehicles, and now its being used as a cover for Apple products to protect them from all possible scratchs. I really think that this is a great accessory, and I wish they made it for other laptops.

Link: Alacantra Covers

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  1. Wow! they do loook great… Im getting myself one!

    Its just easier to buy an apple laptop for ur wish to come true ;)

  2. See Mac is amazing and all Apple products get amazing enhancements!

  3. They look gooood !!

    7asafaa i hav a viao, wont it fit ?

  4. bella color: hehehe! I will get the material and make one for myself, I dont think Im buying a apple laptop anytime right now! Maybe later, but the covers are nice!

    Jacqui: Apple has the accessories market cornered with everything they have!

    Amo0ora: It wont fit it! This material doesnt stretch so much, its soft to a certain degree and feels like suede!

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