PS3 and Wii Kuwait

I went to Rihab on Wednesday to look for a couple of new games for my XBox 360. I was really looking for Gears of War and Call of Duty 3, and maybe something else. But I stumbled upon other items in the shops.
Markaz Al Kuwaity in Rihab – Good people that I have dealt with




PS3 60 GB Japanese

Price: 450KD


Price: 750KD


Price: 250KD

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yeah, I had a post about it earlier. The situation is so “Phucked” up. I mean why the 300KD gap between the Jap. & the US version whereas they only differ in playing different DVD regions? They both are Universal and the Jap. version can be modified to have English interface!

    ps: It’s good that you always deal with Abdulbasit. He’s a decent guy. ;P

  2. Eddy

    any chance that people can negotiate the price of the ps3 to 250 kd???

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  4. MacaholiQ8: your right its too much for no reason, thats why Im going to wait at least 6 months like you saw there are issues with the PS3. And yeah Abdulbasit is a good guy to deal with!

    Eddy: No way in hell would they go down!

  5. wow, I’ll link back to your page ;)

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  8. Why the boxes are such in a bad shape? WOW, the prices are wayyyyyyyy expensive…I mean they Wii should cost around 70KD, but it seems they remove the dollar sign from the 250 and inserted KD instead LOOOL.

    So, GoW still hasn’t reached Kuwait…or is it sold out? I’m guessing the latter since it is considered the best/fastest selling X360 title.

  9. Moey: crazy!

    Fallen Angel: The boxes arent in bad shape its just me using my camera phone! I bought GoW from these guys they had it! Im waiting to play it at a later point!

  10. Bader

    ouch, price hurts…i was expecting it to sell for like 150 kds when i did the maths but…whoa…
    Thank god I’ve been saving enough cash for the Wii =D Thats one damn sweet console…I wonder how much a wii game will cost though. And if it comes with games and the likes.
    Ah well, im going to buy it today. Happy wii time!

  11. Bader: No way 150KD That wont happen at least for another year if that! Im assuming the original games cost at least 20KD and up! Enjoy the Wii!

  12. ooooh shit i never thouth the price would be soooooooo high…i really thought it would be 200 kd or 300 kd cous they annoused it would be cheap….. im really fucked up i won’t buy it for a zelioooooon year.. shitttttttttttttttt.

  13. aboud

    Wow.. This is my first time to see this site but its true. i saw it recently and it was too expensive.. i wonder how much each game is though. I also thought it was going to be around 180 – 300 KD but it was more than i thought. How much is each game???

  14. keenai

    The price has been set in Europe, & it’s cheaper in America..

    ” Each machine will cost £425 (in the UK) or 599 Euros”

    £400 = 200KD

    I don’t understand why it’s so expensive here!!

  15. keenai: the price has been updated, it is now 200KD! So its dropping, but I still wouldn’t buy it! it needs some fixes!

  16. Mesh'al

    Wow that sure is an expensive price, i wouldnt pay 700KD for it.
    planning to get wii but any of u guys know how much the price is nowadays ? and is it still available ?

  17. Mesh’al: that was the old prices! I previously posted that it is 200KD in kuwait with one game. And it is available in Kuwait.

  18. aboud

    so the wii is 200kd? right now it is $200 in the states. that should be about 70 kd. If it is 100 that might be reasonable.

  19. usedToLiveThere

    uhh thats alright guys, just sell you mercedes and shit, and then you can buy one. The only reason the prices are high, is because they know that the population is rich enough to afford it. if you guys can afford to pay soo much for a nice car, and soo much more for a nice house, then 750 is nothing for you guys. i live in canada now, and 750 is equivalent to 2909 CAD/699 means you can buy four of them.

  20. tabz

    yoo wtf is the diff between japanese n us ?
    n why is da price freakin high … are they made of gold.. i mean ps2 was 200kd now its less than 60 kd … will they make copys of ps3 games?

  21. tabz: what they do is try to capitalize on the momentum. They are pricing a certain price for it but they are passing the price of ownership to you as the user which is the bad part. Thats whats happening!

  22. tabz

    i get what ur sayin.. but lets say ama buy it in october will it be at high price or low price?
    plus does any1 know about metal gear solid, is mgs 4 the last 1 or is der gunna be more? :) peace

  23. ajay

    I bought a ps3 from Rihab 2 months back for 200kd.
    PS3+2 games +extra wireless controller.
    Not a bad deal.

    PS3 is awesome,especially if u have lcd tv n internet for online.
    At present there are only few good games but in 1-2 months ,there is goin 2 be a load of good ps3 games .Lair,Rainbow six,darkness,ninja gaiden etc.

    If u are plannin 2 buy ,better buy now ,as all shops are plannin to beef up price for expected summer craze of ps3 .

    Otherwise u will have 2 wait till September

  24. Ali El-Amine

    OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH SSHHHIIITTT!!! I want a WII but it is soo expensive here! why? ugh and the games are way too expensive!!!

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  26. mohammed kuwait prices are reaaly high, if something costs $300 it’s 300 kd it’s like they have a problem with converting money…….but anywayz the ps3 now cost about 16o kd with 2 games!! but the guy at the shop said that they might ris in the summer!!

    oh and wii dud the wii sucks i sold mine and i’m going to buy a ps3!!!!

  27. omar al dosari

    you guys can get great deals at al ghanim, there having this huge sale. its gonna end real soon though. its still nothing compare to the prices in the states but i mean its better than rihab. the only problem is, the choices are limited. oh and something else about rihab, the sales-men don’t really know what there talking about, like they are selling metal gear solid (NTSC) for 25 and the european for 20. they think that the NTSC has better graphics which is so not true, it just soppurts a a higher resolution, i went ahead and got the european, btw the game sucks, any one wants to buy it used, i’m sellin.

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