Dell Kuwait Contact


For those who were asking for the Dell contact in Hawally who gets what ever you want to order from Dell such as screens, laptops, and PCs.

His name is Happy.

His shop is Translinkglobal on the ground floor of the Walla’a complex.

Number: 2620705

Mobile: 6550065

He is an honest person and I liked dealing with him, and so did my cousin. He brings it down as low as he can. Sometimes you just know an honest person when you meet him, and it does help when you grill the hell out of him and ask him to show you the real cost of the item your buying, at that point I didnt want to rob the guy. If you want the same screen or any item like that he is the person to go through and it will take 3 weeks.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory

    Ok, what is his real real name :P?

  2. Purg! hahahaha! U da man! His name is Harpeet, and says call him Happy.

  3. chr0nik

    Happy gilmore singh :D

  4. Is that the same Happy that used to be in AlWazzan a few years back?

  5. chr0nik: hehehe

    Don Veto: Honestly I wouldn’t know!

  6. I remember Happy from wazzan .. I think his real name was asshole.

  7. K: I dont think its the same guy then.. this guy is really nice.. do you know what that guy looked like?

  8. Cesar MAs

    I am wondering is you guys have a service and support department .

  9. Cesar: I think if its broken he will replace it, but its based out the dell service in the states. That my assumption. I dont own the place so I wouldnt know.

  10. Falx

    The worst support provided in Kuwait……………..go for a better vendor

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