Sell Not Service


Companies in Kuwait seem to have a problem with the term service. There is no concept of it basically. All they want to do is sell their product to whomever wants it, and then they dont want anything to do with you. They dont care about customer retention, customers by recommendation, and other benefits of making a customer happy.

I can understand that there are some unreasonable customers in Kuwait, but they shouldnt alienate the whole country and only care about making a profit. Service has a great affect on the companies profit in the long term. I recommend certain places for certain things based on service, and I buy certain products based on service not just the price. At the end of the day you want peace of mind with the product you have not just a bargain, you want both. Whats worse is in Kuwait you get ripped off from the price, and you recieve no service.

This has been issue I have been dealing with non-stop. And if you buy the product then they should honor the warranty not me running around trying to get the product fixed. And whenever there is a real warranty issue they try to get out of it completely. There is no real consumer protection rights and that is what drive me nuts. There should be an opening for customer satisfaction with the idea of the Better Business Bureau being applied in Kuwait. I know thats asking for a lot, but could we at least start with something.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with respect to the retail industry. You want to ask a simple question and you totally get given the run around over something that should be easy to answer. But in the case where someone doesn’t honor their warranty or does things to make it hellish for you to actually get something fixed (e.g. making it take ages or not giving you the right person on the phone etc) you should call 7imayat il mustahlik. I’ve never done that before but I think that it should give that company a little scare.

    Where I notice world class service though is in the finance industry in Kuwait. I get a lot of proposals as an investment professional and when I need more information I usually get someone very willing to talk to me and even come and present something at my office. Of course they ARE trying to sell me a financial product but nonetheless it’s nice to see people who are loyal to their jobs and who are presentable and helpful and reachable when you need them. As a customer, I also get great service from financial institutions here…questions about charge cards, limits, why something is not working get answered very fast and they tend to be flexible enough.

  2. Sorry I forgot to mention that in Kuwait there’s a collosal educational gap between those who work in the finance industry and those who work in the retail industry in which employees may not even have a high school degree. This is very different from the US where the salesman at Circuit City may very well be a Harvard student who’s working so he can pay off college loans.

  3. Purgatory

    Simple, you just go directly to their top boss and get your thing done, or if you do not know the big boss, take your best bullies in the family and put fears in the persons handling the matter, or if you do not know the person or cannot reach them physically, get your friends or relatives in the police to hold that person for a few days in jail and make a formal complaint on service and abuse, then you see results.

    Violence and threats bring results, being nice will not.

  4. jewaira

    Purgatory going through a violent phase.

    When companies are held accountable, that is when they will be forced to improve customer services.

  5. Purgatory

    There will never be accountability, you get your rights by force.

  6. Hear, hear. I get so many attitudes ranging from servantile (which is effin creepy) to scarily pushy to full of contempt. When I find someone who is friendly, helpful, and competent I buy something even if I wasn’t planning to, out of sheer gratitude.

  7. Aleeh

    marzouq,you are trying to see kuwait with eyes of America . come to terms with the reality that kuwait ain’t gonna change

  8. mako customer service killish……..:)

  9. Im not saying that it cant be changed, i really wish it would..

    bSs mako fayda, 3alla kither ma ntkalam ma ynfa3 ma3ahom so most people give up.. thats the problem..

  10. 1001: I agree with you 100%, in different industries there is different treatments, but in retail or anything dealing with a customer one to one they treat you badly. When its financial companies they dont want to have a bad reputation in the Market so they treat each other well. Even if they are a bit rough sometimes. But your completely right about the education gap, and i think thats another problem!

    Purg: I dont know if your way is going to work exactly! hehehe! Im willing to watch you try!

    jewaira: its all about accountability! There are no consequences for bad actions! Thats the problem!

    SnoCone: I know what you mean, I get annoyed with a lot of sales people! Very few are good!

    Aleeh: No really comparing to the states, I just want customer service. Look at the UAE they do have good customer service, and that is why people are happy with the services there. Its just a matter of making the companies accountable for their actions, and getting some consumer rights clearly written down!

    MAZE: exactly!

    Amo0ora: I agree with you! Nabee hel nuwaab to do something useful instead of proposing these porposterous rules! They always rule in corporate favor, never really protecting the customers!

  11. although ur right man, i dont think anyone is listening cos the consumers here got the retailers used to the idea that if something is malfunctioning, they simply buy a brand new one cos they cant be bothered with the hassle of repairs. sad but true.

  12. Fonzy: I think the retailers should do that, its not our responsibility to take care of their issues, they have to make the consumer happy and that is the message that should be gotten across!

  13. I good at talkin kuwait?

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