Netgear Gigabit Wireless Router


Out of my whole shipment that was on hold from amazon that is filled with DVDs and one Gigabit router, the only thing that did come out was the Gigabit router. Its driving me nuts but I really dont have any other choice. The customs thing aside, I was very happy to recieve this Gigabit router. I have had a D-Link 8-port Gigabit switch for a while now running on my Linksys router, but I know the routing itself is at 100MB/s even though the switch can go up to 1000MB/s. Now I have this new router with built-in wireless and Gigabit routing. I just installed it the night I recieved, but I will be doing thurough testing at a later point. I will be doing testing through streaming audio & video, while making data transfer.

I do have access points at this point, which Im trying to use to cover the whole house, and cover all deadspots. Im trying to make sure I have no problem with this router and none of the access points freeze. I will be updating the firmware only after Im done testing.

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  1. dealing with customs is really difficult…a friend of mine went there 3 times with mandoub, but nothing happened…glad to see that you got the router…how about the network cards? are they gigabit already to tap the potential of this router?

  2. Make sure you have proper cabling for 1000mbit .. the older cat5 cable is not supported; You should be running cat5e/cat6.

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  4. Cyber: all my network cards on my PCs are gigabit including the network area storage! So its running great!

    K: yeah 3 out of my 5 RJ45 cat6e so I have no problems, but I have to upgrade the rest!

    Bloo: I hope you got a real PS3 not something fake! And let us know how it is!

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