Cold and Crisp


I have to say that Im loving the cold weather just the way it is. I think the weather in Kuwait the past two weeks has been perfect. Its sunny outside and cool at the same time and thats what I love. Its fantastic when Im riding and the bike is keeping me warm instead of melting my legs, I want to go riding a lot but I havent had a chance to go riding the past week, I will be soon.

Now that its consistently cold I changed to the winter version of clothing for work and day to day things. There were a few days before where it got hot all of a sudden, but now its getting cooler and cooler.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the weather has been incredible. i’ve been loving it!

    always good to have something warm between ur legs, eh? :)

  2. I don’t like cold much because it puts me too sleep but then again freeze my room and I’ll be forced to hibernate. I believe I was a bear in a past life! Ugh :P

  3. Eddy

    love the picture

  4. Fonzy: hahahahhahaha! U had to go that way didnt you! hahaha!

    Stallion: I agree with you, its not cold cold, it just cool cold! Just freaking amazing!

    Jacqui: I love the cold! hehehe!

    Eddy: cool!

  5. MAZE: what does that mean!?!?! Am I an aussie?

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