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You couldnt tell from the name, but is a modern furniture shop in Shuweikh. I stumbled upon it the other day while getting lost at night looking for a specific shop. Its Italian modern furniture and the store belongs to Dia’a Behbehani. I bet she likes Italian furniture, and I have to say that they do have a lot of nice things and shop has a lot of space between the ground floor and and basement floor for a normal shop. I didnt look at the prices because I was the only customer and there were three sellers all over me which was making difficult to look at things comfortably or snap any pictures. Its a really funky furniture shop, but it does seem pricy, but still worth a look. I couldnt even think of describing where the hell it is but giving them a call would probably help.

Dont ask me to pronounce the name I kept messing it up the whole time I was there. Its unique thats for sure!

They also have a website which does have some stuff on it, but no way close to the amount of things that they have in stock. The website doesnt do their items justice, its different when you see it.

Contact: 4828008
Link: Fauteuil Club

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  1. I hate it when I have staff harassing me in shops.

    And a close pronunciation guide is “fo – toy”. It’s a style of armchair. In French.

  2. Dia’a is a Guy I believe, his daughter was with me in schoool… But I’m not sure if its the same guy hehe :P Since her papa’s name was also Dia’a.. Anywhoo its amazing that a modern furniture store is available I find that modern furniture is ruling my life I just love it!

  3. moocherx: Im just too undereducated to know the hell that name says!

    Jacqui: from the way the guy was talking I thought it was chick! hehehe! There furniture seems to be nice high quality type!

    Mark: Thats a pretty cool couch! They have some really nice stuff but the colors are a bit funky!

  4. MacaholiQ8: Sorry I didnt see this until the other day! Or else I would have posted earlier!

  5. “Dont ask me to pronounce the name I kept messing it up”

    no, I didnt read the above line…

    Marzouq, can you pronounce it please? :D

  6. Zouq fauteuil is like sofa bed…its a french word..

  7. Cyber: hahaha! I dont think I can do that at this moment! Im tongue tied! hehehehe

  8. Dia behbehani also has the best desk chairs money can buy. Herman Miller Aeron chair. Buy it with no hesitation. its excellent for your back and good to sit on in the office and in your home office for those long hours.

  9. Spicy: But its just too damn expensive! I got a good chair from the one and I sit on it for while, and it does an excellent job. You also want to get value for money, but the Herman Miller is good but too expensive for just a normal desk use unless your going all out.

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