Ducati 1098


This is the new 2007 Ducati 1098 that they have kept quite about! Its an amazing and fearsome looking bike! This the most powerful Twin-Cynlinder bike out there right now! I have to say that I like this bike a lot, and Im impressed with what Ducati has done with it! This is a 160 bhp and 90.4lbs/ft of torque engine! They also kept the weight really low. The aggressive look is very enticing, and I have to say that I like it more then the 999. They just took the old Ducati formula and worked with it.

They have 3 models coming out for this year

  • Ducati 1098 ($15’000)
  • Ducati 1098 S ($20’000)
  • Ducati 1098 S Tri-Colore ($25’000)









Link: sportrider

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  1. Eddy

    ditch robo and get this one….

  2. Sweeeet. I’m the kinda gal that would probably never ride a bike (too traditional) but I love watching them on the road. There are a lot of things I could say about this beauty, but somehow they all come out sounding… like some thing that could very easily be misconstrued as a double entendre. So all I can say is, very very purdy.

  3. Eddy: Hell No thats Blasphemy! I will just add, never subtract!

    SnoCone: hehehe! I like Purrdy too!

    Laialy: really! I have no idea how you would get that! hehehe!

  4. jewaira

    Red Hot Demon!!

  5. That. Bike. Is. Beautiful. I am with SnoCone, not the type to ride a bike, just like to enjoy their grace in action…but this one…I could compromise my “traditionalism” for one quick spin. I remember there was a yellow Ducati one out some years ago, 1000cc or something…mmmm yeah. :lol:

  6. jewaira: yes he is! A demon!

    Digital Nomad: hehehehehe! Its the artistic looking ones that get people! :)

    MacaholiQ8: Thats what a lot of people think!

  7. dennis gonzales

    that is absolutely beautiful. i have a 200 996S and the only bike that would justify replacing that will be the 1098. pls. keep us posted with more news about this beautiful machine.

  8. Dennis Gonzales: I will keep posting any information that comes my way! :)

  9. Rick

    Yeah baby! I ride, and you bet your @%#$^! I’ll beon one in Feb. planeguy ain’t just for kicks baby … I fly and my 999 is on the way out. Draggin the canyons and bike days at the Willow … when I’m done flying through the air … I’ll soar on the track … MACH 1 style.

    Seeee yaaaa!

  10. Rick: hehehe! Know the feeling of waiting for a fantastic bike! And I think this is one amazing bike! I hope you enjoy your new purchase and ride safe! :)

  11. Zman

    My buddy and I just returned from Iraq and he bought the ’08 1098. I rode the thing for about an hour to his place since he didn’t have a motorcycle license. I’ve ridden some nice bikes and this one ranks right up there! It sounds nothing like a japanese bike and man does it turn heads in traffic!

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