Duke Thursday


This was one hell of fun day on the bikes. It was totally a bike day, I met with a friend who I took on the back of Robo for an hour and bit around the gulf road and other areas. And we were having blast, two people laughing their asses off with each one of us listening to music inside the helmet. I had my own DAP, and the other person had an Ipod. I was listening to HipHop/Rap/RnB and the latter to Techno/Dance/House. But we were having a blast and on the gulf road while we were on our way just for a quick pitstop in Marina around 2:30pm I ran into a really good friend who was laughing at the us they couldnt believe they spotted us. I got a text saying I had a nice jacket, which was a nice complement. Afterwards my friend had to go to meet up with family so I dropped them off back at our house and then I switched bikes.

I got on the Duke! Now what an amazing bike the Duke turned out to be. Its one hell of a fun bike and it takes the road differently, takes coners amazingly. Even though Duke is higher Robo I still felt the Duke was amazing on the turns and the engine was fantastic! This bike is an amazing motorcycle, I have to say that Im not a fan of the exhaust sound but that can be changed, but the everything else the bike surpassed my expectations. What a hell of ride, I went from Bida’a all the way to Shuweikh on the Gulf Road then down the 2nd ring road to Malik Fahad to ride home since I had a few things to check up on.

I have to say that everytime I saw a guy on bike with gear on it made me smile, and I was happy! It gives us riders a degree of credibility and keeps some people off our back. People rarely bother me except when they are idiots, which happens sometimes. And then if I see a guy riding a motorcycle without gear honestly it really pisses me off! The weather was amazing, and it felt fantastic listening to the right type of music and seeing so many people out and about in this beautiful weather with their families! Honestly it just makes the whole day feel so damn nice when everyone is in a good mood. And in days like these what I love the most is when Im riding and seeing kids in cars waving at me or giving me the thumbs up, and I have to at least wave! They are so true to their feelings its fantastic. I cant wait to ride on Friday as well.














A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mabrooouk…. :)

    is this ur new bike? Mashallah it loooks really nice. :)

    Do u drive a car or only ride bikes :P

  2. i am in the computer lab and i know i always say enii me7tarraaah bss right now 7addiiiiiiiiiii mi7tarraaaaa … i mean i am glad you had a good day and all but think about the poor penguins :p (mako 3elaqah, bss i had to bring it up)

  3. Dancing Queen!

    hahaha! I’m glad you had an amazing day! You guys looked GOOD on the bike and you looked like you we having a blast! I’m gonna ride one day (soon) and i know i’ll be listening to the Queen of dance Madonna when i ride!!

    P.S. I know what I’m getting you for your birthday :P

    over n out!!

  4. Ok it’s official, I hate you forever! Ok fine I don’t. I’m glad you had fun on your bike.
    *tries very hard not to pout*
    Lol, actually I love seeing responsible riders when I’m driving, so kudos on the having a good time while staying safe and respectable. Give both them boys a hug from me. (Duke and Robo)
    Great now I think *2* things my parents don’t approve of are adorable, dogs and motorcycles. :|
    *pets poor abandoned Robo*

  5. Jafar

    Glad You had a great weekend with the DUKE but you certainly missed a fantastic Friday in Abdali with Kuwait BMW Motorcycle Club members ,families & friends.A DVD will be available soon to show you what you really missed

  6. Bella Color: Its not mine, its a test ride that Tristar let me try for the weekend, its a great bike.

    Laialy: looool! I will be riding with penguin sitting shotgun! Its going to happen dont worry about it!

    Dancing Queen: loooooooooooooool! hehehe! Im you enjoyed seeing us! I enjoyed seeing you guys! It was a shocker! hehehehe! Roger that!

    SnoCone: Dont worry I rode robo a lot on thursday! So he got his fair share! And riding responsible and fun is extremely important to me, its not just going fast, but enjoying the day!

    Jafar: I wish I had the time to go out, but I was tied up with other things. I will hopefully be able to make the next rides.

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