With this weather Im always licking my lips, and if I put any chapstick Im always smearing all over the place to make my lips feel better. But the funny part is that the chapstick isnt completely clear it looks like dried milk all over your lips but damn it feels good. I dont know if anyone goes through this during this cool weather.


And especially when Im riding the motorcycle and the wind is hitting my mouth it gets really chapped in cold weather. So I stop for a drink to hydrate my lips before drying them again while riding. I need a riding mask under my helmet and that will complete the all black look with the black neck cover. By the time Im done I will look like a ninja. The best thing I do is put chapstick on before I sleep so the damage is repaired by morning.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. im dry as a bone when it gets cold… even my hands get all flakey eww. i know what you mean with the chapstick looking like dry milk… try palmers cocoa butter formula or burts bees they’re amazing, they dont dry up and make you look like a dirty sanchez, and you dont need to reapply as often

  2. extinct dodo: I will check it out when Im not so lazy to get it! But the chapstick does help heal things, and keep things moisturized, I only put it for the sake of pain, not looks.. it hurts if its dry, but with the chapstick its better!

  3. try carmex,, they;re the best.. caremex & burt;s bee;s ;p

  4. me too even my hands..i went to Boots today to get cream for my hands and mouth….i hate it when its like that

  5. i have this cream it’s called 8 hour cream it does miracleeeeeeeeeees you can use it for your lips of any where like your finger tips tooo

  6. ya i know what you mean.. dry weather totally ruins our looks ;p LOL

    i use elizabeth arden’s thingy for dry skin, its great on any dry skin but its amazing on the lips, heals and keeps them soft..

  7. Loca in Kuwait


    I don’t know if this sounds to girly, but take an old toothbrush(not to old) or buy a cheap one and before you apply your lip balm each night GENTLY being the key word brush your lips to exfoliate the dead skin off. The cream they are talking about,Elizabeth Arden is nice, but it also comes in a lip balm so you can take the tube anywhere, and you still can retain your manhood while putting it on because it is all white and small like a chapstick.

  8. Peony: I will try the carmex, for now Im just applying it every couple of hours. Im not sure where to find Burts and I know Im too lazy!

    MAZE: My hands are dry but I dont mind that, its the lips that hurt!

    Laialy: hmmm… dont think they would sell that in Kuwait!! hehehe

    Amo0ora: loooooool! I dont care about looks all I care about is the damn pain! ok.. I wont be using Elizabeth ARDEN! hehehe I only use labello or Chapstick!

    Loca: looooooooool! Its all about retaining my man hood and keeping a clean look! hahahaha.. I like how you put it!

  9. hehe but its goooood walla..

    its the one lialy is talking about, its called the 8 hour cream.. and just like loca said it comes in a small white tube too so its usable ;p

  10. Amo0ora: It all depends where I have to walk into to get it.. if I have to walk into a place filled with make-up and tons of women shouting for perfume then I will stick to labello! looool

  11. I get chappy lips all the time because I never get enough fluids, it’s all year round and I use all sorts of lip balms, nothing works!

  12. Pearls: Thats insane that nothing works! The thing is my lips get chapped even though I drink at least a gallon of water a day!

  13. That’s what I mean, it might moisturize them for a day or two but it won’t completely heal them.

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