Ducati S Tricolore


This is one of Ducati’s tradition. They have version which comes out looking like the Italian flag and they mix it up a little with the uniqueness of this motorcycle. I have to say that I think its sexy as hell. Beautiful piece of machinary, and filled with character! Its has the ohlin shocks, steering dampner, and the Termignoni racing exhaust which adds just the right amount of power. There is something about this bike that draws me to it, and it has some characteristics of the old 916 with the taste of the 999. Its extremely appealing.




Link: Ducati

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  1. aleeh

    Now that is the bike i want to have.Its the best i have seen.

  2. Jafar

    From what I understand the production will be very limited so if interested you must place orders now as I have done !
    Visit your local dealer before it is too late !

  3. Loca in Kuwait

    Motociclo Bello! In case that didn’t translate to beautiful motorcycle, that’s what I meant. :p M, the lines are sleek and the colors set it off. I wouldnt change anything, the color matches the style.

  4. Yinfa3 7ag Gunball.. ha MZzee ??

    o ba3dain weyaak ma3a hal 3awaar galb ??

    aby wa7id on my birthday.. start saving up :P

  5. MacaholiQ8: Oh Hell NO!

    aleeh: Its pretty nice!

    Jafar: They always make the nice one in limited production.

    Loca: the style of it matches the colors in a great way! This should have been made for the Italians who won the world cup! Fantastic!

    DiiGMaa: Now that would be one hell of a birthday gift! I think it would be too insane for the Gumball since you would be hunched over the whole time! hehehe

  6. I still want it ;P

    don’t make excuses and start “The D’s Ducati Fund”

    Yalla you have 2 months and 1 day to raise the $$$

  7. DiiGMaa: loooooooooooool! it would take me 8 months minimum to get the paper to pay for it!

  8. K.. Your gift can be belated.. no problem..
    I want it MZzee I weeelly weeellyy want it…

    (I’m still waiting for the rest of your observations)

  9. DiiGMaa: hehehehe! I will try! I wont promise! I put in some more observations!

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