PS3 woes..


Other then shootings, robberies, and looting of PS3s there seem to be problems that this machine has out of the box.

  • Some of them dont work out of the box
  • 1080i doesnt work on a lot of HD televisions, and Sony doesnt think they can fix them
  • Controllers are loosing bluetooth connectivity in mid game
  • The PS3 doesnt upscale the DVD playback to play on 1080p screens and they said they are working on it

Damn this thing has a ton of issues. Hopefully they can solve them quick! Now thats a hell of a lot of problems to come out with from day one.

Link: Engadget, Engadget, Engadget

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  1. i say we wait a couple of months before considering buying it.

  2. Fonzy: Im going to wait easily until Next Summer, I bet more problems are going to show up. Im going to let them workout the kinks it before purchase.

  3. Loca in Kuwait


    I am now ashamed to say this, I will chalk it up to being young and slow witted………. but I waited in line when the PS2 came out,it was a loooooong wait for JUNK! There were so many problems with it, it would shut off mid game, freeze up, not save games and many more things. So that’s why I didn’t even try to get the PS3 because with Playstations the 1st yr they come out they are filled with glitches and not worth the money. Beware to all stay away for a good 6 months.

  4. Loca: Im with you 100% Thats why I said Im waiting until next summer to get this console. Its just a matter of being patient, and there are ton of good games for the 360 that Im currently enjoying!

  5. Mo Hat

    that’s what you get for releasing unfinished hardware sony. 360 or Wii is a good choice, as they are FINISHED, and 360 has 108i0p support and supports 1080i easily as well.

  6. Cute UAE

    …i was droooooooling over waiting to play wii ….expecially Rayman Raving Rabbids!
    …have u come across a wii critique?

  7. Cute UAE: Honestly anyone that has a Wii seems to be pretty happy with it, they havent had any problems what so ever! :)

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