Duke Over&Out


First off I would like to thank Tristar for giving me the chance to try this bike, I really liked the bike, and I do think its a fantastic bike with all its features. But I dont think its the right time to buy a second bike at this point.  The KTM SuperDuke reacts completely different to the same obstacles that I have tried with my K1200R. Its really a fantastic bike which gives you raw control over this superb machine. It does what its supposed to do and more. You just want to take it on turns, and its got a motor full of toque. Im going to write a full review later, but I wanted to thank Tristar again for the superb service and my next bike will probably be from Tristar.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Cute UAE

    hey Man! Sorry! Have been extremely busy :'(

    Glad that u’ve been enjoying yourself! It has been raining for the past couple of days here in El Emarat, and yesterday I was this (‘) close of riding a bike at the desert! But I was kinda late and not dressed up for the chilli weather! ;'(

  2. Cute UAE: Dont worry about it! Lots of us have tons of work and sometimes cant do anything about it! One day I had so much work three days in a row that I didnt make a post! It was insane.. usually I make all my posts at night, but that time I didnt have a chance. You should have gone riding on the motorcycle it would have been fantastic, but I know what you mean about not gearing for the occassion! hehehehe

  3. moocherx: Tristar let me try the bike since they know Im always looking for something good!

  4. moocherx: Damn it all to hell! Whats the world coming to! We are all going to sink just like Atlantis!

  5. drew

    Marzouq: did you git my Email

  6. Laialy: It was fun while it lasted! hehehe

  7. u planning on cheating on Robo, eh?? :P

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