Productive Sunday


This one productvie sunday, even though I got swamped at work and things are getting a hectic since New Years is coming up and everyone is trying to warp up everythin by then. So work is just piling up, but today I finished and went home, then I chilled with my mom, and we had lunch. A little chit chat here and there, and then I went to visit my grandmother since she came back, and I prefered to go early to avoid all the people. And I had a few things I wanted to do.

I went to the gym, and I was happy with the work that I did the past couple of weeks whcih I shall be posting about the workout. I had a good workout this time, and I saw a friend there so we started talking motorcycles since he has a Ducati.



After that I went to one Hawally shop to do a full transplant between the small shuttle to the minitower so that I could make some additions to my Media PC. And going to Hawally around 8:45pm it was fantastic since there wasnt much traffic and I could easily go to where I wanted to go but I had to carry to boxes up two flights of stairs. It felt easy after the workout. After finishing with that I went home to take the well deserved shower.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Quite Productive I’m glad you had a chance to do all that!

  2. Loca in Kuwait


    Or should I call you Fabio… Nice to hear that your Sunday was productive, it always feels good when your day has a sense of purpose. Take it easy with your tummy being upset though, we need you healthy for the much awaited photoshoot. Can I be your personal assistant or your makeup artist?

  3. Aleeh

    well marzouq,for a kuwaiti you do a lot work than an average kuwaiti . Because the ones i knew just come to office ,greet everybody ,chit chat for 2-3 hrs and off they go back home.

  4. Jacqui: yup! I was happy I got a few things done before the weekend!

    Loca: I dont think I would need make-up under the helmet since Im going to be in full-gear! hehehe! And my tummy is working itself out! At some point it will be better!

    Aleed: Its all about the enviroment your in! I work with a good group of people. Also when your given responsibilty its simple because you dont want to screw up.

  5. 7awalii .. 5alah ewalii :p (yeah, i had nothing better to say)

  6. Got any leftover hardware you’d be willing to part with after the transplant? :)

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