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I went for one more helmet from Scorpion and some more protection around the legs from Alpinestar. I went for the Matte Red Rivet since I have seen it before and I really think it is cool as hell, and I went for the Alpinestar Bionic Knee protection which I hope is comfortable as well as protective. I could wear it under my jeans. The helmet goes for $200, and the knee armor goes for $70 which isnt bad.


Now I just have to wait for their arrival.

Link: Scorpionusa
Link: Alpinestar

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  1. Cute UAE

    They look so…um…dynamic! Mabrook on your latest purchase ;)
    …they look soooo “Bionic”…hehe…remember “Bionic 6” cartoons?
    Screaming “”Bionic 6″”…and acting like one now!!!

  2. tell me how the knee armor goes with u. i wanted to order those originally but i read they were for dirt biking.

  3. you just love your gear..

    anyways, a rider looks better when hes all geared up. Mysterious !

  4. Cute UAE: looool! Thanks! I think thats what made me like them more, because it had the name Bionic! And I loved the Bionic 6! hehehe!

    Mark: I will get back to you about them!

    Amo0ora: I got to love the gear! When Im in it, I feel like Im a completely different person. Just like Batman and Bruce Wayne! hehehe

  5. the helmet looks fuckn incredible! mabrook!

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